Palestinian Fanaticism and Israeli bombings

Israel is attacking Hamas and Palestinians in Gaza.  Many are angry and predictability, the Islamic world is characterizing it as a “crime”.  In my personal view, nothing could be further from truth!

Now, let us put the – for a moment, although its not in fashion – onus on the Hamas, Palestinians and Muslims themselves of all this!  If Palestinians want peace – then what do you think any Pacifist leader or Prophet or Saint would have suggested to them?  To show love to the Israelis and in return they will be shown love.  If Gandhi or Jesus was their leader he would have suggested that love the Israelis so much that they are forced to stop the bloodshed.

How many of you have heard this line?  From ANYONE… Pacifist or non-Pacifist in the Islamic world??

But how often have we heard this line to be taken by the Israelis?  That their “hatred” and violence is leading to violence from the Palestinians?  Why should the Pacifist onus be ONLY on the adversary of ONE group only?  And more importantly, why should ONLY the Muslims have the right to vengeance in face of an “atrocity” – imagined or otherwise?  Indeed WHY?

Look at the video on the right… it is Fort Lauderdale.  Look at what the Muslim supporters – whom many will call “Moderate” or Peaceful Muslims – shout stuff that if I or you would shout such things at Muslims, we would be booked under Hate Crimes!  There is this lady who is shouting that Israel be Nuked.  And then the lady has the perverse mind to tell the Israelis that they should be sent to the “Oven” – obviously showing support for Nazi crimes.  No matter how much hurt you feel – this kind of dialog cannot be condoned!  But this is what you hear from “Moderates” in Fort Lauderdale.. not even in an Islamic neighborhood of Paris!

Jehad – the myth and the nonsense

Jehad, we are told by Terrorists, is to kill.   “Moderates”, however, tell us it is to “introspect”.  Fair enough.  I find the second definition as practically never practiced or called upon!  Have you EVER heard.. EVER.. heard a Muslim intellectual asking the larger community to introspect as to why they are in the midst of so many battles?  I have not.

In fact, if at all the moderate voice speaks up – it is to condone the Jehad of the terrorist.  Like this time by saying well.. the kids neatly piled next to the Jehadi who were killed were innocent.  Sure, they were.  But who brought them to the “War Zone”?

Where is the Introspective Jehad here? And what does it entail if at all?  Certainly no one is coming up giving a call for the new Jehad and saying guys in Palestine.. let’s sit back for a second and redefine ourselves.. let us see what is wrong with us.  Isn’t that what should go on in an introspective session?  Or does the Introspective Jehadi session  comprise of “Lets analyze how we can hate the Jews (or Hindus or Christians) more” or”lets blame everyone else for our misery because we are right and they – whoever they are – are living Satans”?  Because from ALL indications and debate that I have heard and read on various fora Muslims unashamedly blame others for their plight and, if they can, abuse every other community in sight…. THAT is what Introspective Jehad seems to me!  But is that what “Moderates” – after watching this video I don’t even know what a moderate Muslim means anymore!

Reference Links:

1. Children killed as Israeli jets again bomb Gaza
2. Hamas leader killed in air strike

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