Parties unite in anger against Kejriwal when shown the mirror

The MPs of all political parties are up in arms against Arvind Kejriwal for having spoken the truth – that a parliament of 545 elected members has 163 charged with heinous crimes.

When the mirror is shown, every party – BJP, Congress, RJD – are angry.  They aren’t interested in changing themselves but want to take Kejriwal to task.

“In this parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them. In this parliament, rapists, murderers and looters are sitting. How can you expect Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed by parliament?” Kejriwal is reported to have said at an election rally on Saturday.
via Source.

One wonders until when will the executive and legislature be so out of tune with the people? Scolding Kejriwal – for speaking the truth – will not solve the problem for the country.

At some point someone has to take a stand against such criminalization of politics and governance.

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