Party boy Brit MP Weatherly's wife prostituted for $70 an hour


Things must be PRETTY bad in UK these days for employment.  Specially, for the politicians and their Members of Parliament.

Tory MP Mike Weatherley for whom the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has campaigned found out via a tabloid that his wife was “multi-timing” him.  She was also – on the side – trading her “wares” and services in three brothels in London.  In her own words,

“I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and good money…”

Officially, her occupation was listed as “Housewife”.  Of course, whose “House” she wived wasn’t specified!

The MP Weatherly himself is quite a guy though – qualified ski instructor, football referee, qualified chartered and management accountant.  He met Carla on a “business trip” in Brazil.  It is said that she was a prostitute even then.  One wonders how they got introduced but he was a good enough samaritan or a lover (?) to get the lady over to England and got married in  Brighton, East Sussex, in 2003.  From what people are now saying, he is indeed some kind of a party boy who loves interesting company.

One said: ‘He was a guest on a BBC show following the election and could not keep his eyes off a leggy Russian. ‘After the show was over he made a beeline straight for her and asked her out for a drink.’

So this year as Mr. Weatherly was busy trying to work his poll campaign, his wife found something useful to occupy herself with.  And she made good money as well – £70 an hour!  And what did that get a client?  “oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom”.  The lady is 39.  Depending on your taste and what appeals to you, she can be defined as aging to reasonably sexy.

Given how this MP actually met his wife, should that have given him a “heads” up??  Apparently, she didn’t.

The clients of the MP’s wife would surely be ready with their own souveniers to share with the media and put on eBay for interested “collectors”.

Given how both met and are, it seems both are really made for each other.  And before one feels sympathy for the guy, one may well check up his finances to see if he was really an “ignorant hubby dumped for clients” or a “pimp in chief”?!

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