Peach fruits and the Facebook Statuses

Peach fruits and the Facebook Statuses


Just that seems to be the status of a FB friend this morning.  Ok, what about that?  What is Peach, I wonder.  To which I am told with Simpsonian “Duh” – “its a fruit”.  Hmmm.  True… but!???

Then I go to another status and it says “White”.  Now this sudden proliferation of color statuses is baffling and intriguing.  There is no explanation as to what they refer and what they are all about.  Just a color and that’s it.

Then I go to my Google reader to check out the news from around the net.  “Facebook Bra color status” updates seem to be a rage today says one RSS feed after another.  No one knows why it started or who started it, but woman after another is just putting the color of their intimates online today.  Some say it is to bring aware to the Breast Cancer drive, which is laudable.

Facebook has had a strange tryst with women lingerie.  First it was the widespread “Pink Chaddi” campaign where women were sending pink women undies to Pramod Muthalik of the Sri Ram Sena around the Valentine’s Day in 2009 when he and his team threatened to retaliate against pub-going-western-oriented Bhartiya nari.

Whatever the appeal of that may have been, but the coming out of a lady’s chaddi or the bra from her corset was a rather appealing idea.

Funny thing is no one is stopping to ask where it all started.  And that is the power of social networks.  An intriguing idea even with dubious objectives can catch wild fire.  Perfectly normal and intelligent people like me and you can jump onto that band-wagon and make it all look fun.  That’s the fun of connecting virtually and vicariously, while contributing the power of intention and awareness to fight larger issues of society and health.

Meanwhile, I am sure the “fruits” are safe in the peachy confines of their cupped companions.


Btw, I got this from a friend.  The message is direct and clear from this person’s standpoint and worth noting.  Specially in the world of quick fads and short attention spans.

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