Pehlu Khan accused found innocent by Congress ruled Rajasthan Police – who will compensate Hindu community for Fake narrative?

Pehlu Khan accused found innocent by Congress ruled Rajasthan Police – who will compensate Hindu community for Fake narrative?

Pehlu Khan, the person who died due to violence by a group of people (in what has been termed as so-called “lynching”) had named 6 people as the attackers.  They were Hukum Chand, Navin Sharma, Jagmal Yadav, Om Prakash, Sudheer and Rahul Saini.

After investigation, Rajasthan Police has found these six to be not guilty.  Therefore, they have removed the reward amount announced on each of the six accused.

Rajasthan is a Congress ruled state – that must be remembered.

So, here is the interesting and sad situation.  The guy Pehlu Khan died when beaten up by a group.   At that time the state was being ruled by BJP.  And so the prevailing narrative was that these lynchings were done by the “Hindu Nationalists” or the “Hindutva extremists” and BJP supporters.

At this time, obviously the government is of Congress which by no stretch of imagination will support the BJP supporter or try to shield them via their police investigations.

Therefore the question is – Was the who hullabaloo about these six, who were supposed to be BJP supporters and the “dreaded Saffron extremists”, all nonsense?

The man died surely.  But it seems, not these BJP supporters.  Then who?

And, who will compensate BJP and the larger Hindu community for having been denigrated and labeled as “exremist” in the entire world media?

Who will compensate the Hindu community for labeling it with “lynchings” without investigation?

This easy targeting of one religious community around the world – even when the opposite has been true – and enshrining this narrative the world over is a serious matter.  One should ask for answers from the journalists, media groups (in India and outside) who jumped the gun and started writing articles WITHOUT investigation!  The fake journalism built on fake Hindu extremism needs to be called out!!

In the past, the central quality of a journalist was investigation.  And the world media organizations, specifically the New York Times and Economist – were built on these qualities.  But these same organizations have now become ideologically compromised.  They will peddle any lies to further a narrative that suits their ideology.

All these had done no investigation or vetted the opinion pieces written by the “journalistic hit men” sponsored and buoyed by BJP’s enemies in India.  And they just peddled one lie after another.  Including this.

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