Plane plunges 5000 feet while Pilot takes a leak

Last updated on Jun 1, 2010

Posted on Jun 1, 2010

Air travel has suddenly become dangerous.  There was this Mangalore plane crash a few days back of the flight coming back from Dubai.  It appeared to be partly due to pilot error as the record indicates co-pilot warned not to land and urged multiple times to go up and turn back again.  The pilot didn’t listen and .. as they say.. the rest is history.  158 people actually.

Now it seems another flight from Dubai to Pune had another brush with extreme danger.

The pilot (Anupam Tiwari) decided to go for a leak and put the plane on auto-pilot.  The auto-pilot got disengaged and the co-pilot (are these guys trainees??) couldn’t handle the plane and it plunged 5000 feet into the path of another aircraft before it was brought under control!

It was the Air India Express flight 1X-212 and the plane was Boeing 737-800.  There were 112 people on board.

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Air India pilot takes loo break, plane plunges 5,000 feet

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