Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Roadshow: Super Flop or Success – Decide!

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Roadshow: Super Flop or Success – Decide!

When Trump exaggerated the attendance in his swearing in ceremony, the US media called it out clearly.  Not to shame him, but to simply set the record straight.  He had issues with that, but that is his personal nature.

However, in India, the media is so thoroughly out of touch and completely sold out to Congress and the whole ecosystem, that not only do they not question or portray facts, they simply fudge the truth FAR more than the ecosystem asks for.  They are – in short – the cheerleaders of the fake news and narrative.  Before the advent of Social media, this kind of fake news could fly.  Not any more.  Here is the news item in Times of India from the Feb 12 newspaper on the whole item of Priyanka Gandhi doing the roadshow in UP.  Check out the effusive superlatives that the editors have for the kind of welcome she got.  Roared is the word!

Priyanka Vadra

The art of fudging is a great art.  You can take a sample of one small part of the whole piece and use that as the representative.  Specially, when you want to use sample or representative videos.  Like the one in the news article.

But was that the real representative of what actually happened on that so-called roadshow?  Apparently no.  As Vivek Agnihotri tweeted, the video shot by lay people showed another story!!

Whoa, that zipped FASTER than ANY car I saw going in UP!!  Or anywhere in India.  Some crowd that!  Not even money could buy a few?

How much of a crowd do you see on this route?  The first bus that rushed through and the following cavalcade of cars on a road blocked just for this procession seemed to be the one that Priyanka Vadra used.  Right?  That is what even the person taking the video suggests.

It would be great if others who were there can also share their videos/shots on social media.  It is time to do the job that media should have done – of keeping the liars honest.  But since they join in as well, it is time we all keep things in line.

What do you think?

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