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Professor Khalid Hameed murdered in Bahawalpur Pakistan for Organizing College Fair and Encouraging Girls Participation

Professor Khalid Hameed was a professor of English at Sadiq Egereton College in Bahawalpur who was murdered yesterday in his office because – he was said to be organizing a fun fair in the college and encouraging female students to participate.  Just that.  You know the good old college fests that we all have participated in when growing up in India?  Just organizing that and inviting girls in it was enough to issue a death warrant against this professor and kill him!

A professor in a Bahawalpur college was murder simply for organizing a fun fair and encouraging girls to attend Click To Tweet

The good prof was the coordinating the fair and had even told the principal of the college about the death threats to him!  Heck, even though the district administration knew about the threats, it did nothing!  The murderer was a follower of the Khadim Rizvi group.  Khadim Hussain Rizvi is a Sunni Barelvi preacher with large following.  Rizvi is known as the “blasphemy activist” because of how he has been carrying out his fanatic agenda against what he considers as blasphemy against Islam.

No wonder that the murderer said that the professor committed blasphemy!

Of course there are many who say that this is against Islam but the fact is that they are in a minority within the Islamic world when it comes to women’s right and their status.  Check out this Pew Study which shows the beliefs within the Islamic world with respect to women and their status.  For example, Pakistan is a country where 88% Muslims think that wives should always obey the husbands.  How can these men – specifically those who consider themselves devoted Muslims – even allow women to have their fun in college?

With this kind preponderance of bigoted views, it is rather ostrich-like to try and argue “it is against Islam” narrative.  Doesn’t reflect the reality in the entire Islamic world, does it?

Meanwhile, this is how the twitterati dealt with the murder of the professor who would have been any other teacher in any college in another country.

As one of his students shared in a comment, the professor was a nice guy.