Q&A: Illegal Immigration in India – A Talk by J Sai Deepak

Q&A: Illegal Immigration in India – A Talk by J Sai Deepak

The issue of illegal immigration and its effects have long been brushed under the carpet, much to our detriment as a country, as a society and as a civilisation. The recent issue of illegal immigration of Rohingyas gives us an opportunity to discuss and formulate our position on the specific issue of Rohingyas as well as the larger issue of illegal immigration. This also gives us an opportunity to build our narrative as a civilisation, which has long-term implications for us domestically as well as externally. Advocate J. Sai Deepak will endeavour to address these issues as part of his talk based on his understanding of the ongoing proceedings before the Supreme Court in relation to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and Rohingyas.


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