Quick Strike, Denial backed by alert Nukes maybe best to deal with Pakistani nonsense

In yet another incident, where the Political class and the Military are on two different pages, the Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne says that India will have to “look at options” to deal with the incidences that are occurring with Pakistan, while Salman Khurshid, India’s Foreign Minister wants nothing more than “stop Cricket matches”.

It seems that the politicians just don’t get it.  It is as if they don’t know what to do!  Whether of BJP or the Congress or whatever party.  Everytime something happens, the best that happens is that we push the forces on the border.  And then?  Nothing.

We need punitive strike capability.  If Nukes are a deterrent to India striking Pakistan, then it should also be a threat to Pakistan striking India.  So, just as they have a “terror” strike force, we also need to have a quick entry-exit strike force.

The strikes ought to be quick entry-exit strikes – just like Americans did with the Osama Bin Laden operation.  Once that occurs and is done, the world pressure can be brought in.  The political class on both the sides does not have the ability to go for the Nuclear Strike right away.  Because the consequences can be terrible.  That was what stopped Soviets as well as Americans to strike each other.

Put the Nukes on the alert, and do quick strikes.  The Quick Strikes have to be completely denied as well.  Just do the strike and deny any involvement.  Let the boggie of the same “Terrorists” (Pakistani regulars really) who seem to be striking India all the time should be blamed for that.

But this status quo cannot be allowed to go on.

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