Rahul Gandhi, Can your family stop Sacrificing for India please? Really!

Next time we see someone dying of hunger, we need to make sure we have a few kilos of emotions along with us, so we can give to him.  Anytime a woman faces any rapist, she should shove some emotions at them.  They can be laced with slogans for better impact.  The farmers should quit committing suicide, they should repay their debts in emotions and slogans.

For, in this decidedly cruel country of ours, our conscience – that weeps at the poverty and gets angry at the lack of even basic administration machinery – is quite easily quietened by emotions and slogans.

Rahul Gandhi says in an emotional speech read out from his notes (don’t know how you can read off of a script if you are emotional, but what the heck) said:

“Last night each one of you congratulated me. My mother came to my room and she sat with me and she cried… because she understands that power so many people seek is actually a poison.”

My simple advice – don’t drink the poison.  Don’t sacrifice for India and Indians.  We are.. DONE with the millions of “rich” sacrifices that your family has made.  We are a nation under tons of sacrifices of your family that shouldn’t have been laden on us in the first place.

Sardar Patel was elected by the Congress Working Committees of all states to represent Congress as the Prime Minister nominee.  Gandhi, the anti-Democracy “Father” of our democratic nation – simply over ruled the election and hoisted your Great Grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru.  He started this song of “Sacrifice” for the first time.  And under his magnanimity laden our nation with pusillanimity, that created the Kashmir problem, China Problem and debacle, unleashed the first full fledged corruption scams, hoisted Nepotism as the sine qua non of Indian politics.  While he led a comfortable life, which bequeathed to his daughter.

Yes, all was sacrifice.

Then his daughter came.  She took the legacy of Nepotism and Corruption to even greater heights.  Servile politicians likened her to India itself.  She not only perpetuated the Pakistan and Kashmir problem DESPITE a drubbing by the Indian army in 1971, she let Pakistan create the Nuke alternative so it could bully India with terrorism.  She simply threw out international businesses, nationalized those at home, created political fiefdoms, and then in one final sweep created the formal dictatorial Government since Independence through Emergency.

Yes, all that was also sacrifice.

Then came your father.  The guy “wept at his Mother’s death”.  The guy who had no qualms in justifying the violence that his partymen unleashed on hundred of thousands of Sikhs just because those two “friends who played Badminton” with you shot your Grandma dead.  So, your Father’s party made sure that everyone who looked like your “friends” also got shot or burnt alive.  He wasn’t done.  He went ahead and touched new levels of corruption, benefitting crooks and mafias and also his wife’s (your Mom) family in his country-in-law.  He first created the problems with our neighbor Sri Lanka, and then thrust innocent Army Jawans to deal with the monster that he and his mother had given birth to.  So many died.  But his coffers kept going “ka-ching” with newer scandals every day.  Until, those very Tamils whom he first hoisted and then got killed, took their revenge.  But not before, he had left a nation so economically bankrupt that it took the vision and courage of a non-Gandhian – PV Narasimhan Rao – to get it out.

Yes, incidentally all that he did too was sacrifice.

Power is poison, you say.  But you don’t know.  For, the poison part is known when one dies.  Until then, you enjoy the intoxication of it.  And, in that intoxication, your family has bankrupted this country, culture, and conscience like none before.  And, you surely know the value of power and money that comes from it.  After all, you were caught with $170k at the Boston airport by the FBI.  If it hadn’t been for the idiotic and – incredibly EMOTIONAL – Atal Behari Vajpayee’s intervention with Condi Rice, you would have been in something like Guantanamo for many years.

Rahul, we are sick and tired of the sacrifices.  I am sure, you and your family would have been too.  It is time, we end this cycle.  You guys making the sacrifice that you profess you don’t want – since you make it crying anyways – only to bankrupt heck out of us.. and we having to deal with your sacrificing BS.  Honestly, it is not required.  Just go, dip into your foreign banks – they have been filled up to the brim for generations to come of your family – and enjoy life with your girl friend on some beach.

As for us, we will try to repair this country and peel away the layers of useless sacrifices that were unleashed on us unwittingly.  It won’t be easy, since your Congress colleagues in any case will lose their sleep and breath.  But then one learns, they will too.  We will make sure that they do.

You.. just leave.

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