Rahul Gandhi Continues his Lying Rants Despite a Plummeting Future!

Rahul Gandhi Continues his Lying Rants Despite a Plummeting Future!

When all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail to you.

Rahul Gandhi has tried his best to float a lie in the normal public – the untruth about Rafale.  But thanks to the rock solid integrity of the Modi Government cabinet and their transparent dealings, nothing has stuck.  In fact, the opposite has happened – his lies on Rafale and the Air strikes has resulted in Rahul Gandhi‘s “popularity” plummeting!

All those negative messages against Modi and actually India in particular have landed Rahul Gandhi in a ditch!  From over 20% to now around 8%!

Rahul Gandhi Popularity

But that does not stop him from opening his mouth in only dinging Modi and going on with his rather boring and painful rant on Rafale, Ambanis etc.  No one is really interested anymore in his falsehoods.  But who can drill any sense in his brain?

Look at this exchange – where a young girl is asking about her interest in sports and badminton and love for that sport and is asking Rahul Gandhi for his advice.

But what does he start off on?  Rafale, Ambani blah blah blah.  The young kid’s expression is worth noticing!  She can’t believe what hit her! She is gaping at him trying to figure out how does what he is saying relate to the question?

Of course, in the meanwhile, despite – and probably also because Congress’ anti-national and asinine comments – that Modi’s popularity has sky-rocketed!  It has grown due to the different events like crazy

PM Modi popularity

Some people think that masses are idiots and cannot think on their own.  That they cannot identify when people are lying so blatantly.  Congress has been assuming that crafty and mischievous speak can make headway in the minds of rural masses.

The fact is that people are intelligent and when their lives are significantly impacted in real terms, they know who is right and who is not.

It would be better for Congress and this idiot Rahul Gandhi to come to their senses.  For this time, the drubbing will be far too ignominious!

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