Representing Hindu Concerns in Polity is NOT a crime, Shinde; Giving a gift to Hafeez Sayeds and Pakistan to lose all leverage is

Today one witnessed Barack Obama take the oath of office.  In a remarkable set of ceremonies, Republicans and Democrats joined in.  Those who have opposed Obama tooth and nail, disagree with his policies joined in to welcome the 44th President of United States.

George Washington, once asked a lady – what will decide the future of this nation?  And, then thoughtfully replied his own query, and I paraphrase – It won’t be who becomes the first President and how he governs, but how the power transitions to the Second President.

It is not what you do when powerful, but how you don’t run down those who replace you or oppose you in a democracy that makes it worth something.

India has two main parties – there are many, but two are main ones – the Congress and the BJP.  Congress has a history of creating the ghost and specter of majority communalism and then beating the opposition down.  This started with our independence.  When Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi, he clearly said – in an emotional but rationally argued speech – that what he did was his own idea and plan.  Although he had worked with the RSS at some point, no one in the organization was part of what he did.  Yet, thousands of RSS workers were arrested.  The organization was banned.  Jan Sangh was made a pariah.  Even when the Judge of Punjab High Court, whose judgment clearly and completely exonerated RSS of any wrong doing.

Yes, RSS cares for the Hindu group in India and that is NOT a crime.  Since when did representing the interests and concerns of one section of Indian society become a crime?  I have seen and watched RSS shakhas.  They profess nationalism – dreamy and romantic sometimes – but love for the nation nevertheless.  Another thing it teaches is discipline and character building.  Two more things that are important.  They have protested and spoken out against the wrongs of other communities, which is their right.  If someone feels abused – even if you don’t agree with him – he has a right to his grievance.  You cannot just take away that right.  And, Hindus – many of them that I have heard and read – ARE aggrieved.   Name-calling, pooh-poohing their concerns and putting them down will not help.

As for the violence by RSS workers.  Person-for-person, looting-for-looting, killing-for-killing – MORE crimes have been committed by even smaller regional parties in UP in one year, than all the crimes committed by RSS in its entire existence.  If we call RSS a violent and “terrorist” organization, pray on what basis is it?  More than the reason of “Because I say so”.

My personal take on the RSS functioning today is not very charitable because it is too politicized and uselessly rhetorical, but beyond the personalities, the organization serves important purpose.  And, India needs that. To understand RSS and its need for the country, it is important to hear it from some one who can credibly comment not just on the myth of Nathuram Godse and RSS plan to kill Gandhi; but someone who can speak from a non-Hindu standpoint. Here is a lecture by Hon. Justice of Supreme Court of India, KT Thomas. He specifically talks of the shameless propaganda against the RSS.

Abuse of BJP as an opposition

BJP has been subjected to the same abuse.  And Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has done the same thing with his statement:

“One on hand we are trying to bring peace in this country. We are also taking steps against injustice to minorities as also against infiltration. But, in the midst of all this, we have got an investigation report that be it the RSS or BJP, their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism. We are keeping a strict vigil on all this,” Mr Shinde said at the AICC session here. (link)

And this statement comes to us from our leaders.  And Sushil Kumar Shinde is no different from Nehru, who also blasted the Jan Sangh and RSS in his time.

Until now, only 3 people have been arrested, WITHOUT TRIAL, and without a strong foundation of evidence.  One woman is in jail for crime that is neither proved nor taken off – simply on the basis of this boggie of “Hindu Terror”.  Given the Kashmir atrocities, given the atrocities for common Hindus (killed in scores for their religion) during the Khalistan time – when Sikhs were hurt by Congress – Hindus have had ENOUGH reasons to create terror.

If Victimization is a forgivable plank for terrorism, as Syed Geelani and other terrorists, including Bhinderanwala – got a pass with, then isn’t it surprising that Hindus haven’t used that card as yet?  As per the political arguments, they could have and should have used the same arguments.  But they didn’t.  No Hindu ever went to Kashmir to kill the Muslims and throw bombs at them .. because they did that to him.  No Hindu ever went to kill a Sikh because of how the Sikh terrorists did to innocent, non-political Hindus – by taking them out of buses and shooting them.  Sikhs were massacred by Congress goons and it was not religion-based.

If Hindu Terror was a reality, by now, India would have become Iraq.  There are enough numbers with the majority and enough – may I say, DISCIPLINED – followers of RSS to have done that.  But that is NOT the creed and ethos of either RSS or BJP.  They have retaliated ONLY when the Hindus or their workers were defence-less or specifically targeted.

Majority also has a right to air Grievance and Opinions

RSS and BJP – should be – vehicles to raise concerns and opinions of Hindus.  Unfortunately, I personally feel that they are more into their ego satisfaction now than playing a constructive role for the community.  But that lowering of standards is a national issue.  At the grassroots, RSS workers still remain disciplined.

It would be unwise to target the organizations that represent the interest of any section of Indian society.  And, the specter of history during Partition that is raised always by equating RSS with Muslim League is also mischievous and completely false!

The foundation and genesis of violence during Partition is in the call of “Direct Action Day” by Mohd Ali Jinnah on Aug 16, 1946.  His breakdown of talks with Congress led him to take this route.  “Direct Action Day”, meant exactly what it said – Direct Action.  Or Violence.  When asked what he meant by Direct Action Day, he retorted; “Go to the Congress and ask them their plans. When they take you into their confidence I will take you into mine. Why do you expect me alone to sit with folded hands? I also am going to make trouble.” And, “make trouble” .. he DID! In just 72 hours of riots in Calcutta, 4000 people died and 100k were left homeless.

Direct Action Day was on August 16, 1946. That it was a prima facie call for violence was UNAMBIGUOUS! Dawn, a paper founded by Jinnah himself in 1941, ran an ad saying this:

“Today Muslims of India dedicate anew their lives and all they possess to the cause of freedom. Today, let every Muslim swear in the name of Allah to resist aggression”; and stated that ?Direct Action? was the only course left to Muslims, because “they offered peace but peace was spurned, they honoured their word but were betrayed, they claimed liberty but are offered thraldom; now might alone can secure their right”

For several months, thousands of people died in Bihar and Bengal.  The two parties representing the two communities?  Muslim League and Indian National Congress.

RSS was present ONLY on the West side.  Specifically in Maharashtra and Punjab.

So, the entire talk and nonsense about putting Muslim League and RSS together is utterly nonsensical and lacks factual basis.

Indian Home Minister becomes Motivation for Terrorists Targeting India

When Shinde as an individual says such things about BJP and RSS, that is his personal matter.  But when he says these things as the Indian Home Minister, he loses all leverage to deal with Pakistani terrorists.  Those who perpetuated Mumbai attacks.  Those who beheaded the Indian soldiers or those who created the Kargil.  Pakistanis, the Jihadis and their Government don’t need any motivation to obfuscate matters with India.  They are very capable of doing that.  But what Shinde does is give them an official statement that terrorism in India is the work of the Hindu Organizations.  That is all they need to further beat you with the very stick you offered them in the first place!

When you focus on the irrelevant and give a pass to the critical (Jihadi organizations from Pakistan and those homegrown like Indian Mujahideen and SIMI), then you place the national interests in a lot of trouble.

And therefore, YOU, Sushil Kumar Shinde should be tried for compromising the Security of the Indian nation, in order to win a few crumbs from your political masters. Just watch this video and understand the nonsensical repercussions that this idiot Shinde has brought upon the country himself.

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