Revolutionaries of One Era are Moderates of Another!

“Revolutionaries of one era are moderates of another”

…… was how Bal Gangadhar Tilak assessed Dadabhai Naoroji’s opposition to his “Swaraj is my Birth-right!”.  Little realizing that one day he himself will “live” his own principle!

July 30, 1920: Tilak Dies
Aug 1, 1920: Gandhi launches Non Cooperation Movement

Is the juxtaposition of these dates within a day a mere coincidence?

No, because Tilak stopped Gandhi from launching the Non-Cooperation Movement until HIS DEATH!  The reason – IT WAS TOO BOLD!  On Aug 1, 1920 Gandhi had rendered Tilak a moderate!

Between Naoroji, Tilak and Gandhi; to search for who was “right” or “wrong” is to underestimate their contributions.

On the journey that INDIAN HISTORY undertook these were THREE BRIDGES.  Important and Critical!

Indian History could not have gotten to Point B from Point A without stepping foot on the Naoroji bridge.  However, it would not have “ARRIVED” at point B either if it kept standing on that bridge and not stepped OFF IT!

Its also true that it could not have proceeded to Point C if it had been content at Point B and not carried on the journey by now stepping onto the Tilak bridge!!

Sanctity of a journey is in THE JOURNEY ITSELF!  … the adventure of arriving and then denying yourself the comfort of resting at a temporary destination but continuing the exploration further on!!

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