Rich and Criminal "Elders" of the country

Last updated on Apr 13, 2010

Posted on Apr 13, 2010

Rajya Sabha – is the House of “Elders” (I am adding quotes for a reason!) – where the members are nominated – not elected.  So, it would seem we would have people:

  • Who represent the common man
  • Are distinguished in their own right
  • Have something useful to offer to the society by way of talent and scholarship

Instead we now come to know that these are the distinguing characteristics of our “Elders”:

  • Over 50% of the Rajya Sabha members are Crorepatis (multi-millionaires) [98 out of 183] with 65% Congress representatives and 53% of BJP Reps – while in Lok Sabha this percentage is 58% [315 out of 543 MPs]
  • 17 percent are facing criminal charges according to their own declarations in their affidavits – Self Declared Criminals!

A country is defined by who rules it.  It is shameful when those who our representatives nominate are downright criminals!

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