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Right after Rajya Sabha vote woman attempts suicide after being divorced via Triple Talaq

There are many issues and arguments raised by the so-called Secularists and their Islamist friends.  But the truth is that the end of the day, women suffer due to that.  And in the latest incident, a man not just threw his daughter on the floor, he Triple Talaq-ed his wife.  Who attempted suicide!

A day after the Rajya Sabha passed Triple Talaq Bill, a 23-year-old woman of Gujarat allegedly attempted suicide at her house saying that her husband divorced her by pronouncing triple talaq. The police FIR states that the husband threatened to divorce her.According to allegations by the victim’s family members, her husband lost his cool after the victim refused to arrange money for him from her father. In a fit of rage, he reportedly threw their 2-year-old daughter on the floor and divorced her saying talaq thrice. (Source: DNA India)

When Arif Mohammad says that women are in fear of Triple Talaq coming out of the blue to hit them, this is what he is referring to.  And, moreover, if this crime was handled within the Muslim community it would have been different.   But despite them saying that it is un-Islamic and also Supreme Court declaring it is illegal it is still happening.  Persuasion has not helped.  That is why the punishment was necessary.