Righteousness of Intolerance

I recently had a very interesting exchange on facebook.  Spirituality and Love, are concepts, that have been so bastardized by people and are handled on just the surface… the moment one tries to explore these concepts a little deeper one realizes that all that was said was said with a very shallow objective.

We have brought the Truth to our own frameworks.  We are afraid to even look within.  We have created our Gods.. our own righteousness such that there is, now a Righteousness of Intolerance.

Obsession with self-created concepts and Aversion to Explore is a very potent combination, which will take this world and humanity to a point of no return.  My side of the conversation was not anything “profound”.. it was just an invitation to explore that, which may be something really profound.  I don’t have an answer to what it will be.. but an open minded exploration is surely a useful exercise!

I am now convinced that the logic of “Last Day” of creation is perhaps the most damning of all beliefs for mankind’s future, specially when it is articulated by beings who are but a tiny fraction of all beings on this planet, which (the planet) is just a speck in even this Solar System, which in turn is a speck in the entire Universe.

And we present our own concepts as so profound that they will decide the destiny of the Creation.  Our own concepts have an ego that tries to curse the Universe.  Nothing will happen to that Universe, which, in its entirety, is beyond even the strongest of perceptions and egos.  On the contrary, we will, in an attempt to uphold our false egos destroy our own existence.  Nothing will happen to the Universe.. this creation.. where many other earths will come up and many beings will remain even on this earth, when no human can stay alive, but we will have achieved the self-fulfilling prophesy of annihilating ourselves.

It is in this mind-numbing context of almost synchronized vision of annihilation that I look at the dialog below.  The inconsistencies of what is being proferred and how the actions and words outside of this argument with respect to the same claims change instantly is very easy to gauge. Perhaps more so in case of the political and religious rhetoric, but for me something else was striking!

What is striking is that there is a compulsive intolerance and that intolerance is one, celebrated and second, aggressive to any defense against it.  Defense against such Intolerance is taken as an affront and subject to further Intolerant treatment!

I will let you read the discussion below to understand why what is going wrong with the world .. going in that direction!   Honestly, this conversation left me bewildered and bemused…. and sad.  When will the past stop being such a potent destroyer of our and our children’s future?

I. Khan: Just wanna share an spiritual thought of the day -this morning a warm rays of the shinny and bright sun touched my face and eyes, the same time I felt how great is my good God and I m blessed….Lets spread love ,kindness and peace and makes our God happy…O’lalaa

Farooq P.
I loved ur spiritual thoughts:-)

Tariq B.

Tariq B.

Desh Kapoor
I.Khan ji dont give love because you want to make someone happy – even if it a “God”. Do it because it makes sense.

Love should be like Sun’s warmth. Sun does not “give” anybody its warmth or sunlite. It just “gives” .. people describe it on the basis on how they “receive” it. Isn’t it? You get more.. you are happy… Mr. X gets less he isn’t happy… its not Sun’s doing.. its the recipient’s own doing.

On the other hand, does Sun even “give” warmth? It just burns.. warmth is a side effect….

So, just burn in your own energy, I.Khanji. Love you emanate will be true.. spiritual love. Love given to one is a directional, limited, contextual and a mean love. Its not really it. 🙂 Kabhi soch kar dekhna..

I. Khan
Desh ji again we are standing on the same old point “Faith”. My every single thing start with the name of the God and ended on the same name. Love sun you and me all are made by God. If ya ask me yesh I see in everything only “God”. ya said do it cuz it makes sense and who made that sense? ..The one and only God…The One true God is a Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him…kabhi souch ker dekhna 🙂

Desh Kapoor
Descriptions, I.Khanji, can never be the experience of the Described.

If you look around – here in the US – where you are or in Pakistan, your home (or anywhere on earth) you will find many people full of sorrow. Do one experiment for me please.

Recently many people died in the attack on Masjid.. go find the person who is the most hurt and most in despair in order to give him or her joy or happiness. For if Joy is what we are striving for – while working or praying or whatever – then everyone should have at least the experience of that… right? What could be better than giving a person who is the saddest.. some joy… even for one fleeting moment… Amongst tears.. give him/her one small smile.. right?…

But to do that.. take 10-15 books that you think explain What Joy is.. in the best possible manner. Read each one of those books to that person…

Then do all the rituals of all the religions.. and if you feel that Islam is the best of all.. then double its rituals .. instead of 5 namaz a day do 10.. in front of that person and insist to him/her that he/she be joy… even in that situation.. ASK that person to smile.. keep doing namaz or other rituals to make the person smile.

Having Knowledge of the mechanics and describing what joy is academically, I.Khanji, is one thing.. breaking out in a smile… of complete, pure, unbridled joy… is quite another!

You can do another experiment….

Desh Kapoor
Sit in a dark room with no light but a small bulb. Nothing but a chair, you and a small bulb.. in a room with just one door.

Buy all the books which explain the mechanics of how to open a door, which explain how it feels when a door opens, what it looks like.. the smells you smell.. the light you see.. the beauty of it. Read all the books thoroughly with complete concentration.

Do all the rituals from all the religions.. and if you really feel Islam is the best religion.. then this time as well.. double the Islamic rituals. 10 times a day namaz.. and other things.. just do more than you would regularly do….

.. and just keep sitting.. waiting for the door to open. Will it? You can even call your Ulemas and knowledgeable people… your kith and kin and ask them… but will that open the door?

Not until YOU go make the journey to the door YOURSELF… and get the EXPERIENCE of the door by touching and pushing against it… when the power of your urge to open and strength of your hand is more than the inertia of the door.. will it open… Isn’t it?

Why? Experience the “God” that you are talking of.. not academically.. not on faith.. not on somebody’s word.. not from hearsay.. but EXPERIENCE that Unlimited Joy that “God” you think is. Don’t just describe it because others have said so. Even if Rumi had the experience.. it was HIS experience… even if Sultan Bahu explained that joy.. it was HIS joy.. Your joy will be yours! No matter how much you try to explain to someone, I.Khanji… Description CANNOT be the experience of the DESCRIBED. If it is worth calling God. . then it must be worth experiencing!

Ahmet K.
Life is a journey and experience, while on this journey yes you will encounter some that according to your knowledge are sorrowfull, but yet are happeir than you are..
Religion is not just a belief but a way of life, in many lands there are those who for the sake of pulic perception practice one and in living life practice another..

Withe regards to the opening of a door, humans do still posses the third eye and the telepathic abilities and those like myself who are able will find a friend will come and look in, thereby opening the door..

It is not the opening of a door that gives graetest of feelings of goodness, but doing the right thing to help those that are in need of a little bit of pull to get up..
“If in my lifetime, my existance has helped a single person, than my existence has been justified”

Zahid A.
Desh Kapoor Jee! aap nay bohat baRaee baRee bateN kee haiN…meN impress hoker girr paRaa hooN 🙂

aik baat tou ye k her shakhs apnay apnay aqaaid (beliefs) leker jee rahaa hai…aap kay apnay haiN aor I.Khan jee kay apnay haiN. jaisay aap ko apnay aqeday per yaqeen hai … bilkul usee tarhaa kisee bhi shakhs ko ye haq honaa chaahiye
aap khud ko sahee samnaa aap badlnay waalay haiN aor naa woh… aor baRaa insaan aor ko bhee ye haq hotaa chahiye. …

agar aap ye samjh rahay haiN k saarii soch aap per hi aaker khatam hotii hai tou yaqeenan koii bhii aap kay saath agree naheeN karay gaa.

Doosrii baat ye k I.Khan jee nay KaheeN bhee iss saree baat ko Islam say link nahee kiaa sirf God kii baat kee hai. aor apnaa aik khoobsurat ehsaas apnay friends say share kiaa hai.

aor teesrii aor sab say aham baat ye k agar aap nay islam ko
paRhaa hotaa tou aap kamray kaa darwaazaa kholnay kee baat naa kartay… dil kaa darwaazaa kholnay kii baat kartay.

jiyo aor jeenay do

Desh Kapoor
It doesn’t matter, Sir, what others do. What matters is what you are. I am suggesting even if you spend your entire day doing all the rituals of the religion – or way of life, as you would like to call it – and pray the entire day without doing anything else… do you think you would be happier?

A person instinctively tries to do what he/she feels most pleasure in. Those who feel most pleasure at painting.. no matter what profession they are in.. they paint at the first moment they get free. Those who like to sing .. sing the very moment they can away from the rush of the living..

….. do you pray the FIRST moment you get when you are free? If not, then that isn’t what gives you the HIGHEST happiness!…

Go ask a mother of a small child (for you orI, as men, cannot get this thing properly)..

.. ask her how she works while her toddler is playing around the house or sleeping or just sitting.

No matter what she does.. no matter how far she is.. . her ENTIRE attention is in her child.

…. she may not see her kid.. or have him in front of her but she knows where he is..and what he is upto.. or feeling…. because that is her EXISTENCE! That kid is what her BEING is all about.

Even though she is living her life.. doing the chores.. making the food.. the kid’s ONE small cough while he is sleeping in his room.. will make an impact on her!

If what you think you love.. is not in your consciousness like a kid is to his/her Mom .. no matter what she does.. then sir, your so-called love / prayer / respect / religion is a just a make-believe and a sham! We have just created our own definitions for our own conveniences.. we just don’t understand love or anything like that!

Desh Kapoor
Zahid bhai.. aqeeday farq ho sakte hain.. par sach.. agar khuda sach ka roop hai.. aur ek hai.. aur sab mein hai… aur “Infinite” hai.. to wo farq nahin ho sakta.. uska experience farq nahin ho sakta. Hamara raasta alag ho sakta hai… par manzil juda nahin ho sakti. Agar manzil juda hogi to khuda khuda nahin ho sakta.

Baat meri ya aapki nahin …  hai.. hum apne ko khaam-a-khaa hi importance dete hain.. baat poori srishti/khudai ki hai.. jiska hum ek roop hain..us maala ke ek moti… is maala ke moti chahe kitne hon…. kitne juda bhi hon.. par maala mein piroya hua dhaaga EK hi hai. Agar us dhaage ka taa-umr ahsaas na hua….. to kya paaya??

Zahid A.
there is a great difference between rituals and the way of life…and if you really have studied Islam you should be knowing that its more about the life you live than about the rituals. rituals have their own philosophy…its a long discussion. Islam is not what is interpreted by the western media or mullaas. Don’t only see one side of the coin…… read the religion and spiritalism in depth by yourself and give references…then we will talk more. dont just believe in what you listen. takecare.

lets respect eachother.

I. Khan
OMG .. Desh ji ya posted several messages still in these answers I can see the greatness of my God … there are 3 religions in this world Islam , judism and christanity. We all are the people of one God but using different names. I will request ya that please I do not like to read anything against any religion. I respect all the views but please…   try to ignore debate on ones faith I think religion is very personal topic. I have no idea why ya turn my status towards religion etc etc.. hope ya understand what I mean to say..cheers

Ahmet K.
…Desh Kapoor>> Exactly what is your issue, in life everyone is entitled to their belief, where does it say, that you have been Giifted with enforcing your kind of Belief..
You are just like the spaniish inquisition..

Desh Kapoor
Zahid bhai and I.Khanji.. I have treated all the religions in my post equally. Only you are talking of one over the others 🙂 (just 3 religions?)

I am talking of ONE manzil…no matter what our path is… 🙂 Anyways to each his/her own. Jo kehna chahta tha wo kisine suni nahin.. jo suni wo mera matlab hi na tha.

Wo baat, saare fasaane mein jiske zikr na tha;…
wohi baat unko itni nagawaara guzri.

take care ….:)

M. Khan
Desh you cannot assert that all faiths are the same and then simultaneously critique the followers of Islam for being parochial. If all faiths are the same then all faiths are parochial. If you are claiming that you are in possession of values which are more universal than all religions then you are either inventing a new one or placing yourself …  above… arrogance is like BO you can smell it from far.

In either case talking down to people who are merely sharing tender experiences triggered by their faith is not in good taste.

Desh Kapoor
Sir, I have not asserted anything. I have requested one to love the way a mother loves… experience joy in a real way. I am not sure what was so bad about it.

When call for experiencing unbridled joy.. the way nature provides it through one’s own effort becomes “inquisition”.. what can one say. Anyways… all the best.

Ahmet K.
Desh Kapoor>> As long as you stick to your beliefs, and allow others without criticism to get on with theirs tha life is tranquil..
Now please allow me to eat my Steak and Eggs while I watch sunrise over Dubai///

Mohammad Adil Khan
DK: I saw your comments I wish to correct you pls note your comments are baseless and meaningless. I must say its very easy to criticize but it require nerve to take it back such critic.

I must say you are just trying to gain cheap fame trust me such fame do not have long term respect may be interest groups will clap here and their but i have …  never seen bad intentions getting true prosperity. Freedom of speech does not give any one the right to be an idiot or hurts others feelings. Pls do what you are trained in life to do. stick to you own craft that would i suggest. its up to you if you wish to continue to act immature the way you have in your previous statement. You are pure hypocritical and opportunist. You don’t have any clue about religion ask any JEWISH, CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM followers.

They all believe there are only and only 3 mainstream religions and rest are man made. My simple comment would be all those who are trying to pollute the integrity of religions of Prophet Ibrahim PEACE BE UP ON HIM please stop because truth is not going be any less by your Satanic actions and long live the brotherhood and coalition of JEWISH, CHRISTIAN and MUSLIMS.

Desh Kapoor
Har ek baat par kehte ho tum ki tu kya hai;
Ab tum hi kaho ke yeh andaaz-e-guftagoo kya hai.

I. Khan:
Desh ji all I can say ya play very smart as ya very well know how to change the topic on ur own choice… but once again dont pinpoint on others faith or religion..
whatever ya gave examples, posted comment if ya see everywhere God’s greatness … your mind ,way of putting examples , mother , mother’s love haar cheez mei sirf Khuda hii dhekhta hei baba..:)

Desh Kapoor
I.Khanji – after all these comments from you all.. only one verse for ya…

hamko ma’aloom hai is jannat ki haqeeqat lekin;
dil ke KHush rakhne ko, ‘GHalib’ yeh KHayaal achcha hai

Mohammad Adil Khan
Well you mind your own bees wax or what you believe. Leave JEWISH, CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM followers alone don’t try to be all that DK !!!!!. We don’t have any beef with you but if you response in hostile and retaliation then I would have no choice to report others that your bigot and continue to provoke the sentiments of JEWISH, CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM … followers. Getting in confrontation is not the life style of Children of Prophet Ibrahim PEACE BE UP ON HIM, but you seem to be lov’in it ……. chill out and do some thing may be some gardening, grow some vegetables, write, paint, go do fishing. You don’t seem happy person are you ok? what si wrong how can be any help as friend.

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