Robert Vadra, Gandhis and Congress: The league of Plunderers and Scamsters

Robert Vadra, Gandhis and Congress: The league of Plunderers and Scamsters

Sanjay Bhandari is an arms dealer.  India’s Income Tax authorities have found email exchanges between Bhandari and Robert vadra (son-in-law) of Sonia Gandhi, which allude to a very expensive house in London.  The emails have been sent by Vadra and Manoj Arora to Sumit Chadda, Bhandari’s relative.  The house in question is at 12 Ellerton House, Bryanston Square and was bought for roughly £2 million in June 2010.

Bhandari’s Offset India Solutions grew into a multi-million venture within a matter of 5 years since its formation in 2008.  OIS had won the deal to supply parts for 38 combat aircrafts India bought from Dassault Aviation.  The Modi government red flagged these business transactions.

Expectedly, the gang of Congress politicians, so-called Leaders, spokespersons and otherwise, have come forward to defend Robert Vadra.  Some of their defense lines are:

  1. How do you know the emails sent were by Robert Vadra?
  2. Robert Vadra is a private citizen and nothing to do with Congress.

The clamor by the Congress folks and their apologists like Pavan Verma, Kumar Ketkar is remarkable.


As for the point #1, the email used was Robert Vadra’s own email and Sanjay Bhandari has admitted to Indian Express that the email exchange on April 4, 2010 was indeed between him and Robert Vadra on the subject of renovations.

Sanjay Bhandari, the defence consultant whose premises were searched by the Income Tax Department between April 27 and April 30 this year, has admitted that the email trail recovered from his computer was indeed that of messages exchanged between him, Robert Vadra and Vadra’s assistant Manoj Arora.

So that is settled now.  The “Robert” in the email was indeed Robert Vadra.


Now, for point #2.  Remember going to all the Indian airports before the current government came in?  The list that was on there which has people who will be “exempted from Pre-Embarkation Security checks” (basically no frisking)?  See below.

Robert Vadra Airport List
Robert Vadra on the Airport List

How many private citizens are exempted from it?  And if, Robert Vadra was one of the oh-so-common “Mango” people (layman), then why was his name alongwith all the officials in that list?  As a “private citizen”, how many have had that privilege?

Any guesses on why he got that privilege?  Gandhi family son-in-law.

He is part of the family which holds the whole Congress party as its personal property.  National Herald case is a good illustration of that!

Besides, if Robert Vadra was not important, why are so many “spokespersons” and politicians clamoring to bat for him?  Let him sink, for all you care.  But that is something they don’t go with.  They want to bat for him, while seeming not to be doing so.

As Arnab Goswami said on TimesNow’s Newhour debate – Sonia Gandhi has put her entire political clout behind Robert Vadra.  Now, it seems Congress = Gandhis = Vadra

A power-triangle is emerging in the party of Sonia with Rahul and Vadra flanked on either side.  It seems someone is trying to posit Robert Vadra as a frontline Congress leader.

And, interestingly, this is aligning with how his name is cropping up in scams and property deals.  As the things unfold in that area within various scams and scandals, Vadra’s goose may be cooked at about the same time he maybe taking a shot at the power!

However, it does show the utter contempt in which the Congress Party holds the Indian population in.  This guy, Robert Vadra, is known for shady property deals, and apparently Congress Party is angling to push him to the helm?  And we all are ok with that?

One wonders if the Indian public will say via their votes what needs to be said – “It closing time for the Congress Party!”

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