Roughly Half of US Christians believe Jesus is coming to Earth in 40 years

As the world moves into the 21st century, it seems population in the world’s most advanced country is becoming more religious, and some would say – delusional.  In an interesting poll done by Pew Research Center.

As Easter comes, the day to commemorate Jesus Christ’s resurrection, it seems almost Half of Christians in the US now believe that Christ will return to Earth in the next 40 years.

Here are some interesting insights from this survey:

  • 58% expect another world war as definite or probable over the next 40 years.
  • 53% expect the United States to face a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons.
  • 53% say the United States will be less important in the world than it is today while 40% say it will be more important.
  • 49% say China will definitely or probably not overtake the United States as the world’s main superpower, while 46% say it will.
  • 58% of white evangelical Christians say Jesus Christ will definitely or probably return to earth in this period
  • Only about a third of Catholics (32%), and even fewer white mainline Protestants (27%) and the religiously unaffiliated (20%) predict Jesus Christ’s return to earth
  • People with no college experience (59%) are much more likely than those with some college experience (35%) and college graduates (19%) to expect Jesus Christ’s return.
  • People in South (52%) are the most likely to predict a Second Coming by 2050

The way the world is – specially with the vitriol emanating from the Evangelicals and the kind of retarded politicians they throw up, Jesus – if he does return somehow – would be in quite a hurry to go back and close the door on any more returns.

There is an Urdu couplet:

खुदा के बन्दों को देखकर ही
खुदा से मुनकिर हुयी है दुनिया
के ऐसे बन्दे हैं जिस खुदा के
वो कोई अच्छा खुदा तो नहीं होगा

(Only after seeing God’s people, has the world turned against the God; That, if THESE are His people, then He can’t be much better!)

So, I don’t know about the believers, but I wonder is poor Jesus if all too excited to head over to any of the congregations.  Just saying.

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