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Russia attacks Georgia and World watches in despair

If you didn’t know, Russia has invaded Georgia (a former USSR state and now an ally of the US).  Georgia has provided troops to US for Iraq – 3rd highest in numbers.

Now, this is another turning point in the world conflict, and the West cannot do anything – morally or militarily.  Putin and Russia are clear that this is their “Iraq”!  If Saddam Hussein had killed people, so – Putin claims – has the Georgian government.  So, where does that leave one?

Europe hasn’t squeaked.  It can’t.  Most of its oil comes from Russia and if Russia closes its supply Europe could be in a big mess as the Oil prices at such a high!  Even the US consumers will be hit.

Russia means business and it is going ahead with its task by opening new fronts.  US is flying back Georgian troops from Iraq.  The US troops there in Iraq will be affected as well.

If nobody does anything, then Russia maybe done with its “exercise” in weeks.

Again, the world has changed and new thinking is required.  Is Russia looking to become USSR again?  Well, that’s what Lou Dobbs is harping on.  And I cannot help but watch at the complete cluelessness of these totally lost US journos.

The ghosts of Iraq have just started surfacing.  World’s geopolitic doesn’t forget so easily and Russia is not going to take this easy as well.  They have the Oil and Oil Money and also their old arms and technical expertise.

What is the future like?  Who knows!  It just isn’t pretty.