Sadhvi Pragya takes on her tormentor and torturer in a Karmic political battle!

Sadhvi Pragya takes on her tormentor and torturer in a Karmic political battle!

There are stories.  And then there are inspirations that want to make you believe in the “order of the nature”.  Not that there is a Godly being sitting somewhere, but that there is a way that things work.

Sadhvi Pragya was a young girl when on 29th September 2008 she was arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Squad led by Hemant Karkare.  What happened thereafter is difficult to even imagine.  When one heard what had happened to that young girl, now a broken but strong young lady, one shuddered at the complete lack of humanity in structures functioning as human beings – like Hemant Karkare and Digvijay Singh.

Sadhvi Pragya after torture
Sadhvi Pragya after torture by the ATS

When she was released from jail, she had survived unimaginable torture and was paralyzed from waist down.

She was tortured by security agencies to such an extent that her spine gave way and she cannot even walk to the bathroom, Upama Singh, her sister, alleged. Thakur also developed breast cancer during her incarceration. (source)

The two people most instrumental in her torture were – Digvijay Singh and Hemant Karkare.  We all know that Digvijay Singh had called Hemant Karkare before he was killed on 26/11.  What they discussed, and what he said is a matter of debate and argument, which Karkare’s widow had raised her voice about as well.

Digvijay Singh masterminded the whole “Hindu Terror” narrative, alongwith P. Chidambaram.

Today, the destiny has come a full circle.  Sadhvi Pragya Thakur Singh is now standing as a candidate against Digvijay Singh from the Bhopal constituency.

One has heard of a common man beaten up by powerful organizations and yet has the courage to stand up.  Those stories, one thought, were of fiction or belonged to movies.  But rarely does one find such stories – moving and powerful as they are – in public domain.

Sadhvi Pragya’s story is one such.

Let us listen first to how she was tortured, as difficult as it is.

Last year, Sadhvi Pragya had stated that how she believed that Digvijay Singh, Sushil Shinde and Chidambaram will face justice for what they had done to several people without evidence.

Talking to media persons outside the special NIA court after charges were framed against her and others in the Malegaon blasts case, Sadhvi Pragya hit out at Shinde, Singh and Chidambaram for “framing” her and others in the name of “Hindu terrorism”. (Source)

What happened with Sadhvi Pragya, happened to Lt Col. Purohit as well.

He was tortured beyond imagination.

This all happened as they waited to be indicted.  With precious little evidence against any of them, the made up charges by the Maharashtra Government were dropped.

The special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court, however, dropped charges of being members of a terrorist organisation as well as those under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) against the accused. (source)

Now, what is interesting is that the NIA court special judge SD Tekale had said two things while dropping the charges:

  • There is evidence to suggest that the accused number one (Thakur) had knowledge about involvement of her motorcycle
  • Thakur “had also expressed dissatisfaction about causing less casualties in the blast. Hence it is difficult to accept submissions on behalf of the NIA and the accused number one that she had no concern with the present crime”

Let us look at these statements.

Now, Imran Masood had said that he wanted to cut Modi into pieces.  Was he charged with attempted murder of the PM candidate Modi?

Just because someone is happy to see another die is actually NO evidence at all.  And, the motorcycle evidence is suggestive at best.  What if she even knew that it was her bike that she owned several years back that was used by someone else who had no connection to her in that attack?

This is the level of insinuation type evidence that was there against Sadhvi Pragya for which she was beaten so much that she lost much of her body functioning!

Therefore, it is befitting that Sadhvi Pragya is taking on the devil himself.  Who, in a tweet, has tried to taunt the lady he was instrumental in torturing.

Have you witnessed the plight of a violent rape victim whose rapist is not only not behind the bars but taunts her when she tries to take him on in a battle of justice?

That is how this tweet comes across.  It is time to politically slay the demon and one prays that the brave Sadhvi can bring all her strength together to give this battle one final push so this guy can be brought to justice in the coming months.

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