Sanjha Vidhaan: Common Law and Common Punishment

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It is true that India is a democracy and the common rules and laws should be followed.  If the rule of law is thrown aside then only anarchy will follow.  However deficient our institutions may be, they still have to respected.  And there are counter checks to keeping the democratic institutions in check.

There is an Opposition, which will keep the Government in check and Courts will keep everyone in check.  Nevertheless, there comes a time in every nations life, when the power is usurped and the checks are neutralized.  The same has happened now.  Opposition parties and Congress work in a cartel.  A cartel, where the Congress is the headman with all the powers and others share in the spoil.

That is the reason why no matter how many terrorist attacks happen in India, no one is ever caught or punished.  The only people who suffer are the common people.  Even the attack on the Parliament House is the only one – in hundreds to be neutralized!  Such is the efficiency for the parliamentarians as opposed to the common man.

That is the reason why when plunder of economics is happening at unprecedented level, even the Opposition parties are sitting quietly.  When even Nigeria (world’s most corrupt country) and Philippines can get their money back, India cannot.  Because no one in the opposition will squeak.

At this time, it is left to the common man to get up and take matters in his/her own hands.  No, we aren’t like Pakistan to do a coup.  We will make these politicians pay but by controlled and passionate revolution.  A revolution that these thugs cannot subvert either militarily or politically.

Here is the my take in Hindi – Titles Sanjha Vidhaan

Audio File: sanjha vidhaan.mp3

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