Secular grand-standing – how a Tihar Muslim inmate lied and accused Hindu jail official of Branding him with Om tattoo

Secular grand-standing – how a Tihar Muslim inmate lied and accused Hindu jail official of Branding him with Om tattoo

On April 12, 2019 a Muslim inmate Nabbir in Tihar announced through his relatives that the jail Superintendent Rajesh Chauhan had denied him food for two days during the Navratras (of course while asking him to convert to Hinduism) and then had branded an ‘Om’ symbol on his back with a hot metal rod within the jail premises.  All the relevant boxes for “Horrible fanatic Hindu” had been checked.   Now it was left to the Secular vultures in the Indian media to run with this golden turd of a stunt!

This news was taken everywhere and the “Hindu Jail official” was branded a fanatic and this inmate a “poor innocent victim Muslim”.  The news appeared in Times Now News, Indian Express and India Today.

The inmate was in jail under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) and Arms Act since 2016 in the High Risk Ward of Jail No. 4.

But who cares.  The Secular vultures went about their business – within and outside India – with their regular fervor!  Of course NONE of these vultures had the integrity to apologize on the damage done and lies promoted!  People like Nirjhari Sinha and CJ Werleman are just mud-throwing extremists who have no business with truth, facts or integrity.  As long as they serve their masters, its all kosher.

The Metropolitan Magistrate Parihar had ordered a probe into the whole incident.

“The allegations raised by the accused are of serious nature and require immediate intervention. In view of same, notice is being issued to DGP Prison, Headquarter, Tihar Jail No. 4, New Delhi to get the medical examination of accused Nabbir conducted with immediate effect and also to make enquiry report regarding the burn imprinted ‘Om’ mark on the person of the accused. Necessary CCTV footage be collected and statement of other inmates be also taken in this regard.” (source)

Now we know that what really happened was something totally different!  The investigation came up with the fact that the inmate – and NOT the jail official – had put that symbol on his back.  Not with an iron rod.  But lime powder and bleaching powder!

Investigation conducted by Tihar Jail authorities after an undertrial alleged an ‘Om’ symbol was branded on his back with hot metal, has concluded that the complainant, Nabbir, levelled “false allegations” against the jail superintendent. Instead, he was branded by one of his associates inside the jail premises, using “lime powder and bleaching powder”, the probe concluded. (source)

The investigation by a DIG rank officer led team which scanned and reviewed the CCTV footage confirmed this.

Sources told The Indian Express that an inquiry was conducted by a DIG-rank officer after forming a team and they scanned CCTV footage from Jail No. 4. where Nabbir was kept earlier. A senior officer claimed: “During investigation, it was found that he appeared before the superintendent in his office on April 12, but left within minutes. Security personnel conducted his frisking when he was leaving, but he had not complained of any pain when they touched him.” (source)

But the damage had been done.

To the jail official and to the Hindus.

Another Muslim.  Poor innocent Muslim (a hardened criminal notwithstanding) had yet again been victimized in “Hindu India”.

Secularism is a weapon for the Hinduphobic

The ease and the confidence with which a hardened criminal could denigrate a top jail official in public.   And then media could run with that fake news while trusting the inmate for the stunt and


the jail officials (for the facts) ONLY because the latter was a Hindu is truly stunning!

What makes the word of an inmate in High Risk ward prima facie newsworthy?  What indeed is the reason why an inmate can accuse a jail official and get all eyes of the world media at him as the paragon of Secularism?  Why was Rajesh Chauhan not given the right to be carrying Secular credentials, but Nabbir was?

Why is a Muslim – or even a Christian – more Secular than a Hindu in India from get go?

This has deep significance for Indians in the coming years and decades.  There is a damage that is being done.  And the damage is not random.  It is specific.

And this needs to be understood clearly.

In absence of a level playing field and a clear equality in terms of how everyone is treated, back-lash is imminent.  And if and when that happens, the real social fabric of the nation will be forever destroyed.  Not because “Hindus are violent or fanatic”.  But because despite NOT being so, that is how they were being portrayed by a media that was paid by forces that wanted that narrative on display.

Secular grand-standing is a serious ill in India.  And it should be rejected by everyone who has any sense of his and his children’s well-being.

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