Seiryu Miharashi Eki – A Railway Station with No Entrance and No Exit

Seiryu Miharashi Eki – A Railway Station with No Entrance and No Exit

Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Nishikigawa Railway in Japan has an unusual railway station on its Nishikigawa Seiryu Line.  It is called – Seiryu Miharashi Eki, which means “Clear Stream Viewing Platform Station“.

What is so unique about this station is that it is stand alone.  It has no entrance and no exit and it’s completely inaccessible to anyone approaching by any other means other than the train.  You cannot walk to it or walk away from it.  You have to come in by the train and then take the train out of it.

A railway station to nowhere. Nishikigawa Railway has a station in Japan with no entrance and no exit - just a remarkable view. Check it out Click To Tweet

There is something about the love for trains amongst the Japanese.  The railways there love to delight the passengers with different things.  Apart from the fastest bullet trains, the Japanese railway companies have come up with some remarkable creative ideas.

Not only have they brought out some of the most stunning designer trains the world has seen in recent years, but they’ve also created Star Wars and Darth Vader-themed train jingles, cat cafe trains, and Platform 13½ at Tokyo’s Ueno Station.

This railway station, therefore, carries on that tradition.  It is created so that people can come and watch and marvel at the lovely nature and scenery around there along the Nishiki River in Iwakuni

Credit – Kamogawa Railway

It is just a simple platform with no seat or bench.  Just a way to view the beautiful Nishiki river.

Credit – Kamogawa Railway

Featured Image credits: Gota_Kaze_SH11

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