Shahi Imam Bukhari erupts at questioning on evidence of King Dashrath as Ayodhya land owner pre-1528

Shahi Imam.jpg

On Thursday, Mohammed Abdul Waheed Chisti, a reporter with a local Urdu daily came to a conference of Shahi Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari and posed a simple question that King Dashrath’s name was mentioned in the land records of 1528, before the Babri Masjid was constructed, what did the Imam think of it.

Imam ignored.  But Chisti persisted.

Then Imam got angry and threatened him.  But his anger didn’t stop there.  He went further and let loose his goons on Chisti and personally went after him to have him thrown out.

People like him will ‘not be tolerated by Muslims at any cost,’


Because they make these Imams and their sympathisers like the Eminent Historians feel really really uncomfortable!!  Until then, Bukhari was giving the same old line that the Cult of Eminent Historians have been repeating (without any evidence of understanding or scholarship) ad nausuem: “Ayodhya title suits was based on faith and was not acceptable to the Muslims”.

Basically Bukhari is an extension of Babar.  What one guy demolished by force, the other wants to usurp now by… force again!  And, if such people as Chistis would come in the way, he will – as goes the line in India – “do the needful”!

Chisti has meanwhile filed an FIR in the Hazratganj kotwali.

Cheating, ill-read and fudging historians backed by fanatic ideologues is quite a combination.  All that these people are after is to enforce a legacy of an equally barbaric leader of invading hordes, who thought destruction and slaughter is the best way to promote his “God”.

All those who argue for “Status Quo” or constructing museums or parks on that land should remember what they are endorsing.  That destruction and slaughter is a valid method to let loose in a civilized world.

It is shameful for the humanity how the invading hordes from the Middle East have in the brief history of 1400 years turned rich civilizations of Egypt, Persia, and the region from Iraq to Pakistan into a Civilizational Desert.  Anything that they have touched has become a desert as far as any indicator of Civilization is concerned.  If that does not diminish humanity, I am not sure what does?  And if the march of this desert came to as close as to the next door, then the chance that it will take over your own garden one day is not too far fetched.

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