Shiela Dixit in CWG “CAG”-mire: CWG Scam Corruption

BJP smarting from the BS Yeddurappa’s resignation, has focused on Shiela Dixit.  Although she had handled Delhi’s Administration rather well, but when it came to Commonwealth Games, she wasn’t above the corruption quagmire.

Comptroller and Auditor’s General of India (CAG) has put it most succinctly:

The cost of beautifying a kilometer of Delhi streets for the Commonwealth Games was more than that of laying rail tracks and almost half the amount needed for building four-lane highways of equal length.

Where was it spent on?

The report, yet to be tabled in parliament, also said that the Delhi government and civic agencies overspent Rs.100 crore on streetscaping and Rs.31 crore on street lightning.

That is the level of corruption that we are talking about.  The wastage – or bribes in markups – was Rs 101.02 crores or USD 22 million.  Yes, in terms of what we are seeing in Indian politics these days, this is just the overspent money.  This was pocket change in the overall corruption that occurred during the CWG – as per Supreme Court itself, the corruption was about Rs. 70,000 crores.

In this country, payments are made without work being done. Newly constructed bridge collapsed like a pack of cards. 70,000 crores are involved.  There is rampant corruption in the country. We cannot shut our eyes. Till October 15, Common wealth is a public purpose – thereafter, everything will become private purpose.

It is surprising that the Supreme Court and CAG both have indicted the Government for corruption of such high magnitude and yet the Chief Minister is not threatened!

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