Sikh Genocide 1984: There is NO way anything will ever happen to Jagdish Tytler

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

In September 1999, Dr. Manmohan Singh was addressing the Press Club of India as a candidate from South Delhi.  Being a Sikh, and that too from Congress, he wanted to make a statement about the Sikh Massacres of 1984.  It should not have happened, he said.  However, the entire massacres were orchestrated by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and not Congress, he suggested.  After all, why would Congress, which had awarded him, a Sikh, Padma Vibhushan in 1984 have hatred towards the Sikhs?

Many Sikhs in Delhi had not reconciled to the massacres conducted by Congress in 1984 and weren’t supportive of it anymore.  BJP propaganda, Dr. Singh suggested.  That’s all to it.

After all, the easiest way to handle the crimes and genocides by Congress and the Communists have been deflected in India by either blaming them on “Hindus” or suggesting “Victimization” alibi.

From the time of independence to today, it is very easy to paint Hindus black and appear white and holy in contrast.  Nehru did that with RSS in 1948, when he made RSS workers and the whole organization as demons post-Gandhi death, even though the Delhi High Court rejected the idea that RSS had any connection to the murder.  Check out the video on the right, where Supreme Court Justice K. T. Thomas discusses the High Court verdict in detail.

But this legal verdict was over-ruled by the Government of India in another way, through official power.  And, the apologists for Congress (like John Dayal) cite those communiques which were the manifestation of executive power as opposed to non-partisan legislative rulings.  Here are two extracts of what the Government had to say to ban RSS.

“In their resolution of February 2, 1948 the Government of India declared their determination to root out the forces of hate
and violence that are at work in our country and imperil the freedom of the Nation and darken her fair name. In pursuance of this policy the Government of India have decided to declare unlawful the RSS.” [Cited in Justice on Trial, RSS, Bangalore, 1962, p. 64.]

The reason for ban –

“undesirable and even dangerous activities have been carried on by members of the Sangh. It has been found that in several parts of the country individual members of the RSS have indulged in acts of violence involving arson, robbery, dacoit, and murder and have collected illicit arms and ammunition. They have been found circulating leaflets exhorting people to resort to terrorist methods, to collect firearms, to create disaffection against the government and suborn the police and the military.”[Ibid, pp. 65-66.]

The obvious question that nails the lie of that Government is – that if they were indeed involved in robbery and arson and looting, which were the cases behind those crimes?  There was no mention of that.  It was a convenient lie which helped them bull-doze through a decision to subvert an organization which they saw as a threat.

This was a strategy, that even Dr. Manmohan Singh used in his speech very effectively that day in Press Club.

The first information reports lodged at different police stations in Delhi prove that several RSS men were involved in the riots, Dr Singh said.

Really??!!  Of course, there were no such reports (at least not by the victims!), and no Sikh in Delhi faced a “Hindu” crowd trying to kill him/her.

When I say no Hindu went to kill a Sikh, I am trying to establish the motive and the motivation of one’s action.  No one in this world is uni-dimensional.  People are multi-dimensional and have multiple affiliations.  To understand what is the ideology of hate, and trigger of crimes, one needs to understand WHICH affiliation became the trigger!

Those last days of October of 1984 and early days of November, people killed Sikhs because of two reasons (affiliation):

  • Either they represented Indian National Congress, or
  • They were paid by the Indian National Congress

No one killed a single Sikh because he was a Hindu.  And, that is a BIG distinction!  That is why, Congress (a political party) massacred Sikhs (a religious minority), and NOT an act of majority community killing the minority one!

For example, Mohd Ali Jinnah announced Direct Action Day on August 16, 1946.  He had used the vision of Battle of Badr, which Mohammad fought to incite violence.

Muslims must remember that it was in Ramazan that the Quran was revealed. It was in Ramazan that the permission for Jehad was granted by Allah. It was in Ramazan that the Battle of Badr the first open conflict between Islam and Heathenism was fought and won by 313 Muslims and again it was in Ramazan that 10,000 Muslims under the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca and established the kingdom of Heaven and the commonwealth of Islam in Arabia. The Muslim League is fortunate that it is starting its actions in this holy month.

The orders were clear and the vision of that day was clear.  Death and violence.  3000-4000 people died that day in 1946.  By the time the violence ended, 30-40,000 people had died.  In those days, to face the wrath of Muslim League band of religious warriors, Congress workers and leaders took on a religious identity.  For the first time, the cry of “Akhand Hindustan” was used to unite the people to fight… by Congress (Das, Suranjan ,1991. Communal Riots in Bengal, 1905–1947. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-562840-3)!

RSS did NOT participate in the riots in Bengal and Bihar, it was Congress all the way!  It’s presence was in Punjab, Maharashtra and in some adjoining areas.  Yet, the story promoted about partition is that Muslim League and RSS were religious fanatics.

Such lies and distorted history has been used quite a bit to curry favor to decidedly, the MOST COMMUNAL of parties in India – the Indian National Congress!

Why nothing will happen to Jagdish Tytler?


This week a Delhi Court rejected the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) closure report that gave a clean chit to Mr Tytler in 2009 and has ordered it to investigate his role all over again, this time examining three witnesses who it had not questioned earlier.

Many are hoping that something will come out of this investigation.  To better understand the fate of Jagdish Tytler, one has to go back to the events which led to the resignation of Tytler from Dr. Manmohan Singh’s cabinet in August 2005.  It is instructive to note that in 2004, Indian National Congress fielded all the Sikh genocide accused as candidates for Delhi!

The official report of the Nanavati Commission of the Government of India on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots found ‘credible evidence’ against Tytler, saying he ‘very probably’ had a hand in organising the attacks. The Indian government, however, decided not to prosecute Jagdish Tytler due to lack of concrete evidence.
Tytler claimed innocence, and maintained that it was a case of mistaken identity. Tytler had not been named by eight earlier inquiry commissions setup to investigate the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. On August 10, 2005, his resignation from the Union Council of Ministers was accepted by thePresident of India on the recommendation of Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh.
On April, 2004 the Indian National Congress Party announced Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, R. K. Anand and others allegedly involved in the anti-Sikh riots, as its candidates for Indian Parliament elections for constituencies in and around Delhi. Sajjan Kumar, R. K. Anand, Darshan Sharstri and H.K.L.Bhagat were accused by several independent commissions of inquiry of being complicit in the riots, including the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, the People’s Union for Democratic Rights and the Citizen’s Justice Committee.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, nothing has ever happened against any of the Congressmen ever!  So, it is sad that the Sikh widows and victims have been deprived justice, and it is great that the Delhi court has reopened the matter, but the truth is that nothing will come out of it.

As for the Sikh Activists who have been fighting for justice here are two stories that give the full picture:

Harvinder Singh Phoolka case


During an interview of Tytler and advocate H. S. Phoolka on NDTV in 2004, Tytler had accused Phoolka of blackmailing him and demanding money from him.[6] Phoolka had filed the case at the Ludhiana court against Tytler accusing him of making defamatory remarks in programmes telecast on NDTV news channel. Harvinder Singh Phoolka, a senior advocate is noted for spearheading legal battle to gain justice for the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots.[7]
Recently, Tytler was granted bail in defamation case filed by Phoolka.
Jarnail Singh, the journalist who threw shoe at P. Chidambaram


Despite all this, I have always waited for justice. All the victims want justice. What can you expect when the first FIR against a political leader responsible for the 1984 carnage was registered 11 years later, in 1995? But, people have waited patiently for justice.
On 2 April 2009, the CBI gave a clean chit to Jagdish Tytler. Things seemed to be slipping away. It seemed Tytler was going to be let off. Someone asked Home Minister P Chidambaram for a reaction. He said, “I am happy my friend Jagdish Tytler has been exonerated by the CBI.” Is the CBI an investigating agency or a court? How can it give him a clean chit? Several such questions ran through my mind. When there were charges of mass murder against him and he was dropped from the ministry in 2005, why was he getting the ticket again? The CBI does not report to the home minister but he is in charge of the country’s internal security. Should he be expressing happiness over this? The Congress has always adopted double standards in this matter. No commission has yet held Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi guilty of the 2002 carnage, but the Congress has repeatedly called him maut ka saudagar. Who were the maut ke saudagar in 1984?

When India’s Finance Minister and ex-Home Minister, and close buddy of PM Dr. Singh, and by his own admission a buddy of Jagdish Tytler himself, had been relieved to give Tytler a “clean chit” on CBI’s exoneration, what do you think will happen now.

The truth is that the conscience of the Educated “Secular” India knows only ONE Communalism -as long as it can be tied to Hindus or Hindu organizations (forcibly or by some made-up connections), such acts are communal.  Rest of the country and other affiliations do not indulge in “Communal activities”.

So why bother?

And to make matters worse for the Sikhs, Jagdish Tytler had converted to Christianity long back in his school time (last para of the article), so the oh-so-secular and Human Rights activists have absolutely no interest in him.  You see, by DEFINITION, he is a fully Secular guy.  He may have his “criminal moments”, but communal pogroms?  Jesus!!!

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