Smriti Irani Exposes Shameless, Dense, and Sold out Sheela Bhatt in an Online Q&A

Smriti Irani Exposes Shameless, Dense, and Sold out Sheela Bhatt in an Online Q&A

The problem is not that the Indian media is bought, but it is shamelessly biased.  And, even when it is obvious that they can prostrate to one party, an ideology or one family, they keep on with the pretense.  All you need is a skillfully articulate person to make the whole thing even more obvious and stark.  Who better than the BJP Textile Minister Ms Smriti Irani.

She is articulate, to the point and gives it as well as she gets.  Most of the time, she can do this smiling.  Like in this interview or interaction with Sheela Bhatt who organized a Q&A with the facebook audience.  How she was defending the opposition and speaking up for them instead of understanding where Smriti Irani’s viewpoint came from and what it meant, was just hilarious and pathetic at the same time.  In fact, she looked dense, shameless and fiercely loyal to her political masters.

There was one question that surprised me and which also remained as the central one in this whole discussion.  She started off by suggesting that Smriti Irani had decided to take on Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, when the people of Amethi had an “emotional connection” with Amethi.  It was almost as if she was begging her not to fight from Amethi and let the Gandhis keep winning from there.  Well, the truth is that nothing has been done in Amethi for so many years since the Gandhis have been ruling that place.  And in the last elections, Rahul Gandhi won by 100k votes which were transferred by Mulayam Singh to Congress on special appeal from Sonia Gandhi.  Or he would have lost to Smriti Irani.  So Rahul Gandhi is in trouble this time around.  Watch the video and enjoy!

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