Sonia Gandhi’s Corruption Harvest – she is now the 3rd richest politician in the world!

Sonia Gandhi

They say its difficult to hide wealth, when there is so much of it!

Now, Business Insider and World’s Luxury Guide has named Sonia Gandhi as the third richest politician in the world!  The other two are:

  • Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz:
Claim to Wealth

– King of Saudi Arabia ($21 billion)

  • Hassanal Bolkiah:
Claim to Wealth

– Sultan of Brunei ($20 billion)

  • and..Sonia Gandhi:
Claim to Wealth

–  Widow of former Indian Prime Minister ($19 billion)

Michael Bloomberg: CEO of Bloomberg Inc. comes in fourth with $18 billion.  Sonia Gandhi is estimated to have wealth ranging anywhere from $2 – $19 billion.

One would ask, how did this widow and someone with no real source of income rub shoulders with the Business Tycoons, Kings and Sultans who are amongst the richest people in the world?

She has often been said to have been the real beneficiary of the Bofors scandal, where although Rajiv Gandhi took the flak, but it was Sonia Gandhi who was the real person who got all the moolah.

Sources byline says this information was sourced from: “,,,,; Current as of March 2012”

Reference Links for the story: World Luxury Guide . Business Insider

When you look at what Team Anna and every crusader against corruption in India has to go through, you understand why.  The stakes in that game are VERY high.  Enough to perhaps create the top 10 richest men and women in the world.. PERIOD!  Why would such a cartel even let others spoil their party?

It helps them that most of the Indian citizenry is brain dead and takes the fiction dished out by its media as news so very seriously!

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