Spiritual Quotient of Good vs Ego

Spiritual Quotient of Good vs Ego

The urge to be spiritual is also intertwined with the urge to “do good”.  But is that such a direct and true correlation?

My own mathematical equation for any individual’s overall “Spiritual Quotient” is Deeds/Ego – (Ego is also synonymous to “self” or “I”). [SQ = D/E]

Generally Good deeds increase the SQ and so does the reduction of Ego. The catch however is how Good Deeds also affect the direction of change in Ego. If the relationship is inversely proportional, then the SQ increases manifold. Of course, an individual becomes “Infinity” (or Universal Consciousness or “God”, if you prefer) when Ego (or self) becomes ZERO.. and duality of self and Self vanishes. All those who we have known as Great Men or Women doing good for all – I doubt anyone of those had a Deed to Ego relationship that was Inverse – otherwise they would not have been so popular! The same holds true for those in the NGO sector. I have seen it in my many interactions.

In a sense, and very often, the urge to “do Good Deeds” does become a vehicle to perpetuating and massaging the Ego in the denominator! The basic foundation of Good Deeds is on existence of misery or misfortune of others.

So do the “Good Deeds to Ego Positive Relationship” folks perpetuate misery? Don’t know.. but they sure benefit by wealth which is measured in a currency called Ego.

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