Starting Drishtikone's Youtube Channel - The Real Story of India's Partition

Starting our new Youtube channel with a video on one of the most important chapters in human history - India's partition. Please watch, subscribe and share the link to the Youtube channel.

First of all, a Happy Indian Independence Day.  75th!  What a ride it has been.

The greatest tragedy of our people is that the most insidious and egregious of crimes have been somehow reduced to something normal.  India's partition was anything but normal.  Yet, the narrative was so thoroughly bastardized that we accepted every lie and every story in a way that we had normalized even a crime of that magnitude.

That is our folly.  

On one independence day, many years back, I went up to my father and asked excitedly - "How happy and joyful everyone would have been on this day in 1947, right?!"

He shouted at me "Are you out of your mind?  Do you have any idea how many million were rendered homeless and dying?"  

That one question and reaction from a person who hardly spoke much shook me.  

Partition was part of our family's heritage.  But no one did any questioning nor discussed why things happened the way they happened.

I had a few questions that I carried with me throughout my life.  Via my newsletter, I have shared many of the answers.  Here is my video on that aspect of India's history.

And, this marks the beginning of Drishtikone's YouTube channel as well.  Please do subscribe and share with your friends.  The information that we share in our newsletters will get another way to go out and make a difference.  Please make this happen for the next generation.

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