People with Strange Names and their Vocation lead to hilarious situations

You need to have the right name – or last name – in life at times to be recognized. Some people inherit last names, which may have been fine a few years ago or in another language and country, but in the modern context of US dominated media, they take on a life of their own. Often one that is hilarious and/or embarrassing. Check these out!

Names and Professions from Desh Kapoor

So how do people with strange – and often, embarrassing – names deal with the attention and being the butt of fun all the time?  Here is an insightful answer by a girl from India, whose last name when pronounced normally by strangers means a man’s genitalia in Hindi slang.

Read Quote of Aakansha Lund’s answer to Surnames: How do people with unusual names or surnames feel about it? on Quora

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