Surveys: Happy or Depressed? – Is India a Schizophrenic nation?

Earlier this year in February, a global research company (God Bless them!) Ipsos said in a survey that Indians were the Second Most Happiest people in the world along with the Mexicans.   43% of the citizens of these two countries were sure that they were “Very Happy”.   The survey also revealed that the global averages were brought down by Europeans, who seems to be particularly melancholic! The European people always seem like a happy bunch, so it’s hard to see that they are also feeling a certain way. Maybe if they decided to buy CBD oil, or CBD olie kopen as they say in Dutch, they can help to relieve their minds of these negative emotions. We were put on this Earth to be happy, not to suffer like so many of us are doing. If only these Europeans could get their act together, wouldn’t the world be one happy place??!! 🙂

Then recently, a British NGO, the New Economics Foundation came out with a Happy Planet Index.   This Index suggested that India was Not so Happy after all.   We were ranked 32nd in the world.   Much better than US, which was lowly 105th.   Amazingly enough and shamefully, Pakistan was 16th.   They seem to be rejoicing the suicide bombings and drone attacks apart from the regular killings going on in their land.   Aren’t gamers happy with the gory games?   Well the Pakistanis get to play the REAL Gory games and their heart knows no bounds when it comes to happiness from such fantastically sadistic and masochistic games.

If the ignominy of losing our happiness to trigger happy Pakistan wasn’t enough, the World Health Organizaton (WHO) has now established Indians to be the most Depressed in the world!!

“….around 9 percent of Indians are reported to have extended term of depression in their lifespan and 36 percent suffer from major depressive episode (MDE).   The MDE is described by sadness, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, loss of interest or pleasure, low energy and poor concentration in addition to feeling depressed.”

Within a year, India has gone from one of the Happiest nation on planet Earth to THE most Depressed!   What could be the cause?   Or is it that we are schizophrenic?

Maybe the scams in India have caused the nation to be depressed more and more over the year.   Whatever it is, we need to decide in which court we really are?   Depression or Happiness.   Such “National Mood Swings” benefit no ones.

Admitted that at 65 years, the nation is in the menopausal age, but the entire nation can’t suddenly become neurotic and start behaving strangely!

Btw, are you in the Happy camp or the Depressed Camp?   High Five Happy Campers!!

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