Tabrez Ansari death – was he murdered to create a Hinduphobic narrative like in Junaid’s case?

Tabrez Ansari death – was he murdered to create a Hinduphobic narrative like in Junaid’s case?

Tabrez Ansari was brought to the police station on June 18th.  And he was alive until June 22th.  On that day, he asked for water after he had done ablutions and after that he was taken to hospital, because he suddenly became dizzy after drinking the water.  There in the hospital the doctors could not revive him.  Interesting sequence isn’t it?

Per the postmortem report, there was no internal injury to Tabrez’s body.

“No internal injury was found in Tabrez’s body in the post mortem. His viscera have now been sent to Ranchi forensic laboratory for forensic tests to conclusively ascertain the actual cause of his death. After he came here in Sadar Hospital from jail, we had given him oxygen and tried our best to keep him alive,” Dr AN Dey, Seraikela-Kharsawan civil surgeon (CS) said.
Sources said CCTV footage inside jail showed Tabrez going to toilet after waking up on June 22 morning and asking for water to drink.

So if there was no internal injury and he was in the  medial ward of Seraikela jail since June 18, what happened in those 3 days that he suddenly died due to “stress related cardiac arrest”.

Civil Surgeon Dr AN Ray said, “Stress-induced cardiac arrest could have led to the sudden death of Ansari since no internal injury was found during his post mortem examination”.

Meanwhile, the forces which are want to create their own spin have started citing dubious sources to create another story.  In a known Islamic news/opinion site with a clear ideological bent, the reason for Tabrez’s death has been shown to be brain haemmorrhage – which has been linked to “a police source” without any name or citation.  This report was carried by IANS.

“During investigation it has been found that the officer-in-charge of two police stations did not react on time to save Tabrez Ansari. The local village head informed police about the incident at 2 a.m. but they reached the spot at 6 p.m.”, a police source told IANS.
“The doctors attending Tabrez did not treat him well. The X-ray report indicated fracture in his head but he was not treated for brain haemorrhage. He was forwarded to jail,” he said.

IANS’ credibility on reporting while using anonymous sources is pretty low.  Remember the story about Air India Boeing going to West Indies to get back Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi?  It was an IANS report, where they had cited “Top Government sources”.

Now, the obvious question is –

Is the Civil Surgeon Dr. AN Ray speaking the truth or an un-named, unknown “police source”?

This is mischievous reporting at its best.

The theory of fractured skull and a brain haemmorrhage also flies in the face of what was seen on the CCTV camera – i.e; Tabrez walking around and going to the toilet.

So, if the postmortem suggests no internal injury as the Civil Surgeon said, then how could the person suddenly fall dead?

Who gave him the water on June 22 and were the procedures followed to ensure that it was fine?  Was Tabrez taken to the hospital properly?

Many things could have happened.

What is needed is a thorough investigation of what all happened to Tabrez and who got in touch with him or provided him with food.

The way it looks now for a distant but informed observer is that he very well may have been murdered while he was in the jail or on his way to the hospital!

Notwithstanding the shameful beating by the goons which put him in that state for a mere stolen motorbike, the facts of the case may not even lead to a result which shows that he died due to “lynching”.  For, he may have been murdered to create a narrative!

After all, remember the death of Junaid?  On who death, the entire “not in my name” movement was started in India?  And the whole Hindu community was besmirched as one indulging in lynching of Muslims?  Well, as per the High Court ruling – the cause of the fight was NOT beef or religion.  It was a fight between two aggressive people for a seat.  And one of them killed the other.  For a seat on the train.  NOT beef!  Not for religion!

And then this observation

But what does the world know?  Junaid = Lynching for eating beef!  Times of India said that, First Post said that and even the BBC said that.  Even when the original report by the local reporter said something completely different – as an email sent by a whistle-blower to Opindia suggested.

NONE of the media outlets either did their own investigation and checks, nor did they carry the subsequent High Court ruling!

So you see, the machinations of the news reporting are working over time to dish a particular narrative.

And, just as Junaid’s killing had nothing to do with his religion OR beef and his story was fabricated; it is very possible that Tabrez lost his life not because of the beating by those violent people who wanted to punish him for the crime themselves, but because someone did something mischievous to create a narrative!

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