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Osama has bin laden!

Osama has finally bin laden.  Pardon the pun, but he has been finally laid to rest. The most notorious terrorist of the 20th century – the guy who carried out some daring attacks and inspired the sickest mindsets the world over of many a faithful, is dead [http://news.blogs.cnn.

02 May 11 1 min read

How Pakistan’s ISI Worked With Al Qaeda Behind Americans’ Backs

Zahid Hussain, a Pakistani journalist, wrote this in 2008 about an incident in 1999. Since then, a lot of attacks have happened including 9-11, 7-7 and 26-11. Interestingly, all could have been anticipated and even pre-empted. But none were. > The extent of Taliban / ISI / jihadist cooperation was revealed during the

02 Aug 10 5 min read

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