Wahabi Preachers from Pakistan and other countries are Influencing Indian Muslims in large numbers now

The Islamic organizations in India are playing with fire.  Unfortunately, the Indian Government and the administration is either blind or displaying sad masochistic tendencies.  The Ulemas who descend upon India are bringing nothing but hatred and war in their wake.  What that can do in a country – we have seen very graphically almost everyday in Pakistan.  They subvert the laws and use denial and lies to come and then once they are here in India on tourist visas, they go about holding and influencing large populations.

The ultra-conservative brand of  ‘Wahabi’ Islam  has lately managed to find more takers among the country’s Muslim community, thanks to the efforts of  the Wahabi  preachers who constitute a major chunk of the over 20,000 foreign Islamic preachers that descend on Indian shores every year to preach at huge congregations in the hinterland.
In fact, a quarter of the preachers hailing from at least 25 countries are from neighbouring Pakistan and they move about in Tablighi Jamaats, according to intelligence and police sources. The Indian visa regime does not allow entry to Pakistani nationals if they do not have local sponsors and also bars entry to  preachers of faith. Hence,  all the scholars travel on a tourist visa.
The invites to the Pakistani Islamic scholars are extended by various well- known Islamic organisations likeTableeghi Jamaat Nizamuddin Markaz, Islamic Research Foundation, Ahl-e-Hadis and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind among others. (Link)

As this article suggests – Tablighi Jamaat is a silent recruiting wing of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Sipah Sahaba. (link)

Deoband University and the Nizamuddin Markaz – the two large Muslim organizations in Islamic education subscribe to the Wahabi way of thought.  And interestingly, it is some of the Muslim bodies which are worried, probably more due to their influence waning away.

Syed Mohammad Ashraf of the All-India Ulema and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) believes that “petro dollars are weaning away the Indian Muslims” and the government seems to be doing little about the 80 per cent Muslims who believe in a more Sufi influenced Indian form of Islam. And  Arshad Alam a former professor at the Jamia Millia Islamia University believes that it is leading to the “obliteration of ethnic identity of Muslims”.

The writer trying to uncover a sinister  process of religious subversion happening in India is also not fully knowledgeable about the differences between “Moderate” and “Jihadi”.  He seems to call Tahirul Qadri, Pakistan-born Dutch Muslim citizen as a Moderate.

The influx of scholars has also led to invites to moderate Pakistani preachers like Tahirul Qadri — a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin. Known for his strong stand against Islamist terrorism,  Qadri’s address to congregations in Baroda, Hyderabad and Raipur last year had been opposed by the Tablighis.

Well, this video – where he says one thing to the Western Audience and another to the Ulemas in Pakistan – shows what kind of a “Moderate” he is.  And, that is the issue.  Whom do you “let go” from the charge of Jihadism in the Islamic world?

His hatred is all too evident. It would be extremely surprising that he – who is advocating killing Hindus, Shias, Ahmediyas and Christians and others on charge of Blasphemy like Dogs – would have anything profoundly spiritual to talk of to his Indian audience.

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