Secret Pakistan: How Pakistan has deceived the West and the World to spread terror globally

Last updated on Jan 28, 2013

Posted on Jan 28, 2013

Secret Pakistan is a two part documentary by the BBC first aired on 26 October 2011. It included claims by mid-ranking Taliban commanders that they had been taught bomb-making by Pakistan’s intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence, and suggestions that the ISI had tipped off high-ranking Al-Qaeda figures about imminent American attacks.   One wonders what more proof people need for Pakistan’s double game with the world?

Here is the Part Two – called Backlash.

Pakistan in Throes of Genocidal Ideology

“Secret Pakistan” documentary – BBC World News channel taken off air in Pakistan

Pakistan bans games that paint terror-haven nation

Pakistan’s ISI Admits To Detentions Without Evidence

Pakistan says 700 people are being held without trial

Anti-Pakistan content gets video games off shelves in Pakistan

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