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5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and Why Diplomacy is Useless

The recent NSA talks have – as the author had predicted – been called off by Pakistan.  Numerous analysts and commentators in India and the opposition parties – apart from the various intriguing folks in Pakistan – have been coming up with their own versions of the situation. 5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and

24 Aug 15 14 min read

Operation Maitri: Salute to the Indian Forces!

Despite the utterly disgusting way that the Indian politicians have treated the Indian Armed Forces, the men and women in uniform putting their lives on the line for India have been exemplary always!  Indian Armed Forces are easily one of the most disciplined and professional in the world. In the

27 Apr 15 4 min read

Is it the end of the middle manager?

Knowledge will dictate the future of organisational hierarchy as bureaucratic structures are replaced and where leaders will emerge rather than be elected, say Kate Tojeiro and Dr Jonathan Trevor. The power of middle managers will gradually disappear as organisations journey through a ‘monumental’ evolutionary process driven by the now paramount

29 Jan 13 1 min read

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