#GobackIndianmedia, Aid Vultures and Nepal-India Relationship Dynamics Post Earthquake

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A strange situation has occurred.  While the Indian Government sent help to the Nepalese promptly after the earthquake, the Indian media coverage went so overboard about it and so insensitive that the public sentiment in Nepal has suddenly turned negative about Indian Media.

For last two days now, #gobackIndianmedia has been trending on twitter!  First, let us look at the views being expressed on Twitter to see what is happening.

Completely insensitive reporting and handling of the victims


More specifically..


You see how the tactics these journalistically illiterate journos use in India are seen through outside of this country?  Apparently, Barkha Dutt’s infamous question to a lady whose husband was in the Taj hotel during the 26/11 Mumbai siege – “Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?” wasn’t enough to put some sense into these – now famously called #Presstitutes.

Sensitive handling during a tragedy does not need special journalistic skills.  It needs a bit of humanity.  Do you remember how you are when you visit a family which has lost someone recently?  You are extra sensitive about everything you say.  Right?  Because the wound is still raw and the pain still visible.  The tears haven’t stopped.  It is indeed terribly ugly to say something knowingly or unknowingly that may hurt someone.  I am sure everyone has gone through such an experience.  If you have lost someone close (and this lady lost her daughter!) you will know what I am saying even better!  Even that basic human decency is absent in these people manning the Indian news media these days!

The sense of entitlement that they have on top of their insensitive behaviour makes them even more preposterous!  Look at this:


Is it any wonder that they are being asked to go back?

“Everyone go back!”, says Nepal

Now, Nepalese are not just sending back the Indian media, but Nepal is sending back all the aid agencies as well!

In a surprise and sudden move, they have asked the aid agencies to leave the country as relief and rescue work is being wound up.  The country is now going to focus on rebuilding.

Was the Earthquake Relief a Funding Opp for Agencies?

While the Christian Evangelist organizations saw this tragedy as a time of promotion of their favorite product – the religion; other agencies saw it as their panacea!  To heck with hunger and death!

Think of it – millions of dollars, if not billions, must have poured into the bank accounts of the international aid agencies.  With over 7000 dead, how much of that made it to the poor Nepalese?  With that kind of money, and the cost of living and work in Nepal, Nepal could be made into a neo-Singapore, if that money was actually used!  Instead, we had the Nepalese digging with bare hands to look for survivors.  Isn’t that a tad bit strange?

So if the aid agencies are using Nepalese victims as their mascots to earn money in a tough economy where not many donations were forthcoming, wouldn’t it be time for the Nepal Government to say – buzz off and take your shop elsewhere?!!

India stay back for Rebuilding

India, however, has been singled out by the Nepal Government to rebuild their nation.  Despite the negative sentiment that the Indian media has so spectacularly created, for Nepal to still keep India behind for rebuilding is very significant!

Nepal’s Foreign Ministry said the government has asked countries to remove their ‘first response’ teams as the focus now shifts to relief rather than rescue.
“As such, Nepal has asked all rescue teams from 34 nations to withdraw. They now need rubble removal equipment and have asked India for help, an army engineering team will be going,” the ministry said.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has clarified what the future role will be for the Indian team.

“We have been asked to move to the next phase, that is, rehabilitation and reconstruction.”
Nepal has requested India for equipment to remove the huge pile of rubble and help the country in its rehabilitation process.
Swarup said,”India would soon send heavy equipment in response to the Nepalese demand. We are working closely with the civilian and military authorities in Nepal on the relief effort.”

This is another opportunity that Modi Government’s sincerity has earned India to do something useful in Nepal.  It is time the Indian media stays away and not mess things up further.  It has done enough damage already!

All this came just a day after the Nepal visit by the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar.  Ajit Doval specifically addressed the media to say that Narendra Modi was very concerned about the situation in Nepal.

The concern apparently is about how the relief hasn’t happened at the right speed.  But that it was delivered via the super spy and now NSA Doval means that it had a lot of other content which was for “Sushil Koirala, Nepal PM and President Ram Baran Yadav’s eyes only!”  That is why the announcement of the Nepal Government to ask everyone to leave assumes so much more significance.

One can’t help but think that under the cover of “Quake Relief work”, several unpalatable organizations and groups were entering Nepal to set up base that would be devastating to the future of Nepal.  And, India as well.

It is time to come together and think of common security paradigm for India and Nepal.  Interestingly, China has taken a back seat in all this and no comment has come forth.

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