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What should you pass on to your kids?

A friend of mine was discussing how he was recently fretting over politics at his job and how that was giving him sleepless nights.  He sees himself as the provider of his family and that is why he feels guilty and also simultaneously a feeling of inadequacy for not being

22 Jan 11 3 min read
Indian Culture

Man, Woman and the Marriages in Indian context

Recently, I have seen a spate of failed marriages in India and amongst Indians abroad.  The traditional framework of marriage is under stress and that is visible in how easily and regularly the separations and divorces are happening.  Even in cases where the marriage is intact, there may be interest

15 Sep 10 3 min read

Now and again…

Soham is six and a half months old now. You must be wondering how my days and nights passed initially and what exactly I was up to for all these months. Frankly, its all a blur to me now. Every single day (and especially nights) were so unique, so challenging

06 Jul 10 2 min read

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