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Has India Changed post 2019 Elections?

A man named Pertie called up Karan Thapar [] recently and said something very interesting after the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.  Along with his customary rant on Modi of course! > “Have you considered that beyond all of this — and I

04 Jun 19 9 min read

Kamala Nehru and Feroze Gandhi: A Love Affair

Nehru-Gandhi family’s sexual dalliances have been the stock of many a novel and films.  Everyone knows about flirtatious Nehru, lonely yet exploring Indira and wild Sanjay.  But the story of the family’s romantic history is far wider and deeper. Feroze was a Parsi (real name – Feroze Jehangir Ghandy)

03 May 18 2 min read

Chinese Aggression into India and the need to give it back

Chinese Aggression and repeated incursions into the Indian territory have been increasing from the beginning of India’s formation. The Chinese, of course, don’t call it incursion as they think that part of the land is part of China anyways. Well, news for them, India doesn’t. However, the

12 Jun 09 2 min read

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