Chinese Aggression into India and the need to give it back

Chinese Aggression into India and the need to give it back

Chinese Aggression and repeated incursions into the Indian territory have been increasing from the beginning of India’s formation. The Chinese, of course, don’t call it incursion as they think that part of the land is part of China anyways. Well, news for them, India doesn’t.

However, the government before the Modi Government have really not done much to stand up to the Chinese.

Now, in June 2009, it seems, the Indian Government has thought of putting some troops along the border to take care of those incursions. And the Chinese response.. some Sabre-rattling.

People’s Daily and its sister publication, the Global Times have come up with articles giving some piece of mind to India:

“India needs to consider whether or not it can afford the consequences of a potential confrontation with China,”

Whatever that means. Somehow China has grown in self-importance for itself. For all the economic strength that it projects, its foundation is very brittle. I have repeatedly talked about the rather shaky foundation on which the so-called economic empire of China has been built and I see it falling on its own weight. It may not look obvious right now, but then no one could have predicted Enron or even AIG’s fall!

As if this warning was not enough, the writer then goes in to further chest-thumping:

“India likes to brag about its sustainable development, but worries that it is being left behind by China. China is seen in India as both a potential threat and a competitor to surpass. But India can’t actually compete with China in a number of areas, like international influence, overall national power and economic scale. India apparently has not yet realized this.”

Indian Governments meanwhile have been pussies to have not stood up to China as it does to the US. There is no reason why the rhetoric from China should make us stand down. It is a zero-sum game against them. They can’t fight us as much as we cannot fight them. Its the same equation that Pakistan has with India. So, why worry?

Being in the same neighborhood, it is imperative that we exercise enough influence in the region as China does. Honestly, the Chinese Aggression and its cockiness should be met with comparative chutzpah and nerve.

Reference Links:

  1. Chinese media attacks India over reports on troop deployment on border

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