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Libya war – US and Russia’s new battleground

The Libya war is raging as we speak.  The oil rich country is now in a big mess.  And, it is becoming the main war theater in the Middle-East along with Syria. The way the geopolitical chess is being played, this promises to be another Afghanistan.  Read Af-Pak historical account

31 May 20 3 min read

India gets lot more Goodies from Putin along with S-400

India not just got the large S-400 missile defense deal from Russia, but also a lot of other interesting things.  Access to Northern Sea Route that connects Europe with the Pacific Rim, natural gas supplies (Iran option [https://www.livemint.com/Industry/wj8PfRvGGyAfh1p8aoPX9K/Undersea-IranIndia-gas-pipeline-can-bring-cheaper-LNG-to-I.html] supplement) and development of other

08 Oct 18 1 min read

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