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A Story of an Asset Bubble

Atul Sarana is  a Chemical Engineer of 1997 batch & now a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) practitioner for last three years. HIs company provides independent Financial Planning Services to High Net Worth Individuals, Non-Resident Indians, Institutions, Corporates, Charitable Trusts etc.  His expertise is simplified & personalized financial advice that even a layman

11 Apr 08 4 min read

What holds India back?

This article was written for Drishtikone by Atul Surana who is a Certified Financial Planner. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the developing economies in Asia will not be immune to the global economic slowdown. At the same time, they will not be hostage to it. Citing rising commodity

04 Apr 08 3 min read

The Non-Money, Unstructured Finance Economy — Part II

This is the second part of Mr. Lobo’s essays on economy.  The first one can be read here [].  Please do share your thoughts and comments in the section below. by Mr. Francis Lobo Mr. Francis Leonard Lobo is a Mechanical Engineer from the

25 Mar 08 7 min read

The Non-Money, Unstructured Finance Economy

Here is an very interesting commentary on non-money and unstructured finance side o fthe economies, specifically the contemporary economic events in the US and India.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. by Mr. Francis Lobo Mr. Francis Leonard Lobo is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of

22 Mar 08 8 min read

In This Political Season, Health Care Reform is a Business Issue

Here is another guest article for Drishtikone.  John Hammergren is CEO of McKesson Corporation, the Fortune 18 health care services leader. McKesson serves customers at every point of health care and is helping transform the industry into a modern, efficient, and quality-driven system. McKesson has seen industry-leading performance under Hammergren’

20 Mar 08 5 min read

How to Create a Killer Business Plan

Here is a guest article from By Christine Comaford-Lynch Author of Rules for Renegades You’ve got the idea, now package it well. The way you present your company and vision determines whether you get the right financial partners and the right deal. It costs so much money to build

15 Oct 07 5 min read

US Economy, the risks and its resilience

One of my friends, let’s call him "V", had written this analysis in an email to me in reaction to my question to my friends on the danger to the US economy.  I thought he had done a good analysis and wanted to share with every one else.  Read

30 Sep 07 3 min read

Correlation between Women and a Country's Prosperity

One of my close friends – Vish – has written this based on an earlier post on drishtikone.  I think it is very informative and analyzes our poverty in context of our age old wisdom in the Vedas. ==================== Desh posted a story [

16 Aug 07 1 min read
Special Stories

Indian Rupee should go back to Rs 45/USD

by Dr. Sanjay Goel A poverty-stricken country has to manage inflation as a priority but growth can not be undermined. To keep the inflation low, the government has been raising the interest rates and lowering the exchage rates. Now, the demand is being forced downwards, and supply is being glutted

27 Jul 07 2 min read

Book Review: The Peebles Principles

(Review written by Kenneth Davis) At once engaging, informative, and keenly insightful, The Peebles Principles may well serve as a call to take action as much as it is a how-to guide on becoming a multi-millionaire. Through a detailed series of successful deals – with a failure or two thrown in

06 Jun 07 2 min read

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