Taliban Shoots down 15 Pakistani Soldiers in Revenge

Taliban Shoots down 15 Pakistani Soldiers in Revenge

A Taliban commander comes on and after saying he is going to shoot his captives as a revenge for his people having been killed by the Government. Then he shouts “Allah-o-Akbar” (Allah is Great) and shoots 15 military personnel down.

The situation wouldn’t be anything strange given the reputation of Taliban but for the details of the captives.

The Captives were 15 soldiers of Frontier Constabulary of Pakistan Armed Forces. The killers were members of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan – basically Pakistani wing of Taliban.

When FC commandant Majeed Khan Marwat received the video of his slain men, he called them “martyrs”.

In a culture and country, where the difference between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists has been remarkably nonsensical since many decades, dualities like Good and Evil, Believer and Non-Believer etc is very thin.

One man’s Believer is another man’s Non-Believer in Pakistan.

A culture and a mentality that hosts such a “Believer eat Believer” ethos is self destructive. This Totem Pole of Belief can help one higher up there for some time, but not forever.

When Pakistan got independent, there were over 10% Hindus. Now, there are less than 2% and diminshing. Those higher up on the Totem Pole of Belief” have systematically moved up on it.

Hindus? Gone. Sikhs? Gone. Jews? Gone. Christians? Going. Ahmediyas? Check. Ummm… now?

Believers who are “stooges” and in path of making Pakistan as per Islam (Quran and Hadith), where everyone dresses, eats, walks, talks, acts as someone 1400 years back in deserts of Arabia did. Now these “fellow Muslims” of a few years back – when the lower beings on the Totem Pole of Belief were being targeted – are the new kids on block. The block of Believers Islamic Mayhem Bazaar.

Welcome to the Belief Central of Islamic Wilderness – Pakistan.

These soldiers were captured from northwestern town of Tank in a night time raid by the Taliban. They were lined up with the hands tied behind their backs and then shot down one by one, in a line.

It seems that the incident happened in Shawa, a small town in the North Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border.

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