Taliban taking over PoK Gilgit Baltistan areas

A very insightful report on the situation in Gilgit Baltistan, where the Pakistani Government and authorities have unleashed the terrorist forces from Pashtun regions and started a process of Talibanization via sectarian (Shia vs Sunni) killings and more fanaticism.  As the person from Gilgit says that these aren’t just some violent incidents but harbingers of the storm to come.

Despite the narrative of how Pakistani hearts beat for Indian side Kashmiris, the truth is that the Kashmiris in the Pak-Occupied Kashmir are in a bad state.  They have been ill-treated and they have tried to involve he UN Peacekeepers to help and save them!  So, before the Pakistanis go overboard for the Kashmiris on the Indian side, let them first start to treat the Kashmiris in their own land as human beings and not as targets for Taliban’s gun shooting practice!

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