Tata Motor’s Sanand Plant Reaches 100% Capacity Utilization and why it is a Minorities Appeasement Buster

Tata Motor’s Sanand Plant Reaches 100% Capacity Utilization and why it is a Minorities Appeasement Buster

In 2008, there was a one word text from the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to Ratan Tata.  It said “Suswagatam” – Welcome.   Tata Motors was planning to set up a Tata Nano plant in Singur, Bengal in a period of 28 months, when the protests – politically motivated and backed by the state government – had derailed the project.  Nano was scheduled to roll out by 2008.

Those who protested that plant in Singur included:

Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy, Mahasweta Devi (Jnanpith award winner), Ruchit Shah, actresses Shaoli Mitra and Aparna Sen; and Amartya Sen


The plant was moved to Gujarat – Sanand area – and it was constructed in record 14 months.

The factory was set up near a village which was Muslim dominated.  The real estate prices there rose 25 times in 5 years.

Nano Muslim

The poor Muslims living in the new Nano plant vicinity had become crorepatis or millionaires by the clear and fast thinking by Narendra Modi.

Today that Tata plant in Sanand contributes to 60% of the total passenger vehicle production for Tata Motors!

Tata Motors‘ Sanand facility in Gujarat has achieved 100 per cent capacity utilisation, the company announced in a statement. The plant, which was originally built for the production of the Tata Nanosmall car, has over the years expanded its manufacturing line with the Tata Tiago and Tigor models that have been popular sellers for the company. Tata announced that it has produced over 450,000 units at the Sanand facility since inception, which remains one of the fastest growing facilities for the car maker. With the Indian auto giant working on a new modular platform for its forthcoming vehicle range, Tata will distribute its production requirements between the Pune and Sanand plants in the future. The Sanand factory contributesn 60 per cent to the company’s overall passenger vehicle production.

The Tata Nano and the subsequent Tata Motors plant success story is very instructive.  The pseudo secularists and so-called liberals feign to fight for the poor and minorities.  But they really do not.  They ensure, through their work that the poor remain miserably poor and minorities can keep feeling the non-existent fears.  That is how they can earn their living and live in posh bungalows while their “constituency” lives in penury.

Those who oppose appeasement, however, do things because they need to be done without regard to who benefits as long as the benefits go to the countrymen and women.  And, invariably the poor, the downtrodden, the minorities benefit in a huge manner.  Ask Bashir Khan Pathan or Mohammad Rajpura from Sanand area.

Featured Image – Wikimedia Commons

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