Teesta Setalvad in trouble for having Cooked up Gujarat Riots “Evidence”!

Teesta Setalvad in trouble for having Cooked up Gujarat Riots “Evidence”!

The main person based on whose work, Narendra Modi has been fashioned into a devil – Teesta Setalvad – is in the dock yet again. This time her aide has told the Supreme Court that she threatened him. Not just that, he has said that he was made to do things that were against “communal harmony”!

Khan, who filed an affidavit in response to the apex court order, said he was removed from the post of field co-coordinator in the Setalvad headed NGO Citizen For Justice and Peace in January 2008, as he refused to “do certain acts which were not in the interest of communal harmony”.

Bizarre Situation

Here is the interesting thing – the High Court brought out an order against Rais Khan “for an investigation against him for allegedly fabricating evidence in 2002 Naroda Gam riot case in which 11 people were killed.”

But this order was challenged by Teesta Setalvad’s NGO saying “it is apparent on the face of the entire proceedings that the attempt has been made to discredit and dissuade them from assisting the victims of the communal riots from getting justice”.

An FIR was finally lodged against Khan after the High Court hearing to register a Criminal Case for cooking up the evidence in Gujarat Riots!

The FIR was lodged after a special court, hearing the Naroda Gam riots case, ordered that a criminal complaint be registered against Khan for “fabricating” evidence in December 2010.

Politics and Tamasha of the Anti-Modi Brigade

Now, Rais Khan, who is accused of fabricating evidence in the cases filed against Gujarat Government for the riots, has said that these were all made up! He would get the fully prepared affidavits in emails in English, a language which the “victims” or he didn’t quite understand!!

Khan, who confessed that he was facilitating witnesses in preparing affidavits at her behest, said Setalvad “use to send instructions and fully prepared affidavits” in his e-mail accounts, the passwords of which was also known to her.
He said most of the victims and witnesses were poor and uneducated but still their affidavits were prepared in English on the pretext that Gujarati was not accepted in the high court and the apex court with the help of a particular advocate and court notary.

Worse, he has accused Setalvad of having made him to make up evidence out of vengeance.

The affidavit said Setalvad was working with vengeance and she used to instruct him to collect evidence from “wherever” or “create” to fix the accused persons.

His statement also states how the entire tamasha by the anti-Modi brigade was an out and out poiltical act as the relief camps became political hotspots. And, all this was done with meticulous planning where “affiliated” media outlets were used to give false identity cards!


One is not trying to trivialize the loss of lives in the riots. But that is exactly what they were – RIOTS! One community – Muslims – first made a very well-planned attack on Hindus by burning the members alive in an area that had a history of such activity. The Hindus on the other hand had grown tired of this and were shocked at the brutality of it all and at the reactions from the “Secular Brigade” after the Godhra burning. That started a swift and strong reaction that led to many deaths.

To use such an unfortunate situation to make political points and to ensure the future of certain political parties is unpardonable. Especially, when the NGOs deliberately fabricated and cooked up evidence!

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