Terror in China being exported from Pakistan: Allies in Arms

Now even China is feeling the brunt of the Killing Jehadi factory of Pakistan. The Xinjiang terrorists, the Chinese say now, are being trained in Pakistan.

In an unusual move, Chinese authorities publicly said Muslim separatists who carried out terrorist attacks in western province of Xinjiang over the weekend were trained in terror camps in Pakistan.

It seems last month Hu Jintao called up Asif Zardari to get his act together on the infiltrations from Pakistan into China. Given the rhetoric coming out of Pakistan, it seems that the hardliners are trying their best to brush aside the pushing on this issue by the US and India. But now, even Pakistan’s best friend, China is getting burnt. So how do they handle it? The terrorists and their “commanders” are from Pakistan.

The problem with the Islamic Jehadi factories in Pakistan is that though they work and leverage every player in Pakistan and its establishment, they are not beholden to any one. And that is a dangerous thing. For, they have no restraint. If they can kill Shias in the mosques, they can very well kill the atheist Chinese in their houses, forget about the CHristian and Jewish Americans and Hindu Indians.

I find this entire situation truly ironical. China, on the one hand, uses Pakistan as its vasal state to carry out its own terror work in the neighborhood. And now Pakistani “non state actors” are not wary to “engage” on China’s territory itself to promote their thinking and jihad.

Its a strange relationship – where both try and channel their hatred to and through the other.

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