Terrorist fund, Bureaucrats/Politicians enact, and Leftist Activists in India promote: Network of Human Rights Mafia in Kashmir and India

The mafia of the Politicians, Bureaucrats, Paid Media, Human Rights Activists and the Terrorists is ruining the country, but more so the Indian Defense Services.  When someone like VK Singh a person who wasn’t a “Yes Man” comes along, he is targeted in every way.

But in the normal course what happens in India when it comes to treatment of the Defense Forces is shocking!  Specially, when it comes to fighting insurgency and terrorism.  Look at the now famous/infamous “incident” that has been the staple of the Human Rights activists and the groups all over the country.  I still remember Facebook being full of this charge everywhere.

During 1990-91, a village called Kushan Pushpora in Kupwara District of J&K was searched during a winter night of continuous snow and rain. More than one unit was involved. Three days after the operation, DC Kupwara (under militant threat, militant sympathy or for money offered by militants) himself lodged an FIR that the army had raped 100 women in that single night including a 60 year old woman. It created a national and international furor. What followed was a spate of commissions and inquiries, eventually all proving after a year plus that the allegations were baseless.

Now, with underpaid jawans and officers…. shoddy equipment – not just arms and fighting tanks – but even regular things like clothes and ponchos… and then this network of mafia which is stacked against the jawan, what are the Army officers supposed to do?

Insurgency scare in any state brings money to the politicians.  What Abdullahs in Kashmir have known since the time Kashmir joined India, is now common knowledge for other states as well.  So, why investigate the inaccuracies of the lower level DC?

After the “complaints” have been filed, then they are transmitted to the Leftist Rights activists.  That is all.  Then they take over in the huge game of false beating of hearts for rights of some people, whose rights have not been impacted.

Every one needs a boggie-man to keep the flow of money coming and careers going.  George Bush did that with Iraq.  India’s Secularists have done it with Narendra Modi.  With Kashmir.  With Indian Army.  And everything else that can be stirred up as enough of scares.

What the Terrorists start, the local politicians and bureacrats give shape to and then the erudite Activists take over to stir up the controversies and paint devils out of nowhere.  It is pretty simple plan, but has been used with repeated perfection!  Shame on us for becoming its victims AND allies!

Of course, politicians don’t give a rat’s ass to all this.  They have one agenda – seat.  And money.  How it happens is not going to impact their conscience.  Here.. read this unusual, sad, and thoroughly disgusting story of how even local politicians use their “High Command” to get the Army under their thumbs!

In 2007, when the UP State elections were announced, the army garrisons at Mathura, Allahabd and Kanpur notified the civil authorities that all ranks posted at these garrisons fulfilling the six month criteria will be participating in the State elections. The list of eligible all ranks were forwarded and voter identity cards requested. Simultaneously, some veterans took it upon themselves to send RTIs to concerned MLAs and MPs asking for details of what action had been taken by them in last five years for helping veterans and serving soldiers families in their areas, and what expenditure was made from the enormous area development funds at their disposal to improve the infrastructure in the cantonments. The effect was electric to say the least. The standing MLA (with a feline surname) at Mathura made a beeline to the Station Commander offering Rupees 10 lakhs (promising more would follow) and requested the Station Commander to issue orders for all ranks at Mathura to vote for his party. Needless to mention that the moneybag was returned and he was politely told it does not happen in the military like this. Eligible all ranks would vote but everyone is unto himself and no central orders would be issued whom to vote for. The MLA still wanted the Station Commander to keep the moneybag but the latter declined. At Allahabad, an illegal encroachment on cantonment land had just been removed after proper court order. The lady heading a political party in her quest to garner votes of the evicted rang up the party President in Delhi, who in turn rang up the Defence Minister. Lo and behold, HQ Central Command was asked to order an inquiry into the evictions. Obviously, nothing came out of it but when the army informed the civil authorities they would participate in state elections, the lady heading the particular political party ended up wanting to know when the Divisional Commander at Allahabad could find time to have a meal with her.

What do you say?  It is wonder that there aren’t more Lt Purohits.  And Purohits don’t need to have burning Hindutva in their hearts.  Being a passionate soldier is enough to make someone want to go and bomb the heck out of many in India today.


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